How to Reset Forgotten Access Code in Tangem Wallet

If you have forgotten or decide to change an access code for one or all of your Tangem cards, you can easily do that in the Tangem app.

1. Log in to the Tangem app using biometric authentication and click the three dots in the top-right corner of the main screen. 

If biometric authentication is disabled on your wallet, scan your card and go straight to step 4 of this instruction.

Main (1).png

2. Tap Card settings.


3. Enter your biometric authentication and scan the Tangem card.


4. On the Card settings page, tap Change Access Code.

Card settings page.jpg

5. Enter your biometric ID, set a new access code, and confirm it by entering it again.

Touch ID tangem wallet.jpg

6. Click Continue after confirming your access code 

Change access code page tangem wallet.jpg

7. Scan your Tangem card once more

access code changed tangem wallet.jpg

Your forgotten access code has been successfully reset, and you can now use the new access code you’ve created to sign transactions.