How to Disable Access Code Recovery in Tangem Wallet

In Tangem Wallet, access codes are crucial in securing your digital assets. These codes are part of the multi-layered security system implemented by Tangem to protect your funds.

When setting up a Tangem Wallet, you create an access code that acts as an additional layer of authentication. This access code is required alongside the physical Tangem card to authorize transactions or manage cryptocurrency stored in the wallet.

With the classic Tangem Wallet, you can recover a forgotten access code by resetting it with two cards that are backed up to the same wallet. 

However, the new Tangem Wallet lets you disable or enable the access code recovery feature. It has its pros and cons, depending on who you ask.

Disabling the access code recovery feature means no one can access your wallet, even if they have your two Tangem cards. It will also be impossible to reset the access code on that card. On the other hand, if you forget your access code, you won't be able to use your wallet.

Here's how to enable/deactivate the access code recovery feature:

  1. Open the Tangem Wallet app and tap on the three dots at the upper-right corner of the homepage.

    How to receive cryptocurrency with Tangem Wallet_5.PNG
  3. Tap Scan card. 

    SCAN CARD page.jpg
  4. Enter your access code or biometric ID and scan your card.
  5. Tap Access code recovery.Card settings page.jpg
  6. Select Enabled.
    This option allows you to use that particular card to reset access codes on other cards in your wallet. 
    Select Disabled.
    This prevents this card from being used to reset access codes for all cards.
  7. Tap Save changes.
  8. Enter your access code/biometric ID and scan your card.
  9. Done.

Access codes are extra protection against unauthorized access, ensuring that even if someone gains physical possession of the Tangem card component, they still need the correct access code to use the wallet. Remember, you can assign a different access code for each Tangem card on the Card Settings page.