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Slim as a bank card, secure as a bank vault. Store, buy, earn, transfer and swap thousands of coins and tokens.

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  • Swiss-based
  • 25-year warranty
  • EAL6+ security standard
  • Audited by Kudelski Security & Riscure

Tangem is redefining the wallet experience by delivering top-level security, simplicity and accessibility. Enjoy complete autonomy and independence while managing your assets with a single tap. Tangem Wallet breaks down barriers for crypto newcomers and enhances the custodial experience for advanced users.

Tangem is redefining the wallet experience by delivering top-level security, simplicity and accessibility. Enjoy complete autonomy and independence while managing your assets with a single tap. Tangem Wallet breaks down barriers for crypto newcomers and enhances the custodial experience for advanced users.

Simply tap the card to your phone to use Tangem Wallet.

During the activation process, the card’s embedded chip generates a random private key, ensuring that the wallet cannot be compromised.
Wallet activation takes less than  
3 minutes
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A Tangem Wallet set can contain up to three Tangem cards. You get three equal cards to one wallet, just like having three identical keys to your room door.

Smart backup.

Cutting-edge technology developed by Tangem engineers.
  1. The chip in the card generates a random private key which never gets exposed.
  2. The cards establish a secure connection with each other and transfer your encrypted private keys
  3. Keys are stored on three cards with no other copies to be found across space and time.
Zero out of 1,000,000
cards hacked since 2017
Tangem Chip keeps you safe on two fronts
Biometric security
Access code protection

Discover the power of crypto with the Tangem app.

Tangem crypto wallet appTangem crypto wallet appTangem crypto wallet appTangem crypto wallet appTangem crypto wallet app
  • Get access to live tickers for thousands of cryptocurrency coins and tokens, compare prices and make more informed investment decisions.

  • Exchange one cryptocurrency for another quickly and securely with our providers. Diversify your portfolio, grow your funds and protect your assets.

  • Easily buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with credit card, bank transfers, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

  • Safely sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and more crypto using different payment options.

  • Earn rewards by staking your Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos and more to passively grow your assets.

Access to thousands of digital assets.

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Meet Tangem Chip.

At the heart of every Tangem Wallet is a powerful, certified chip developed in collaboration with Samsung Semiconductor. Every card comes with an inbuilt chip, taking the form of a 1 x 1 mm microcomputer.

Independent firmware audit
The Tangem firmware has two independent audits under its belt: first in 2018 by the Swiss company Kudelski Security and another in 2023 by Riscure, an international security lab. Both audits confirmed that the firmware has no backdoors or vulnerabilities, is not updatable, and contains no hidden algorithms.
Open source. Verified by community
There are no backdoors in our app: check it out for yourself on GitHub. The app can be recreated even if it's needed. We don’t collect any personal data or run servers to conduct transactions on the blockchain.
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Guaranteed for 25+ years
We are confident that, when used correctly, your Tangem Wallet will remain safe for at least 25 years. The hermetic plastic construction guarantees that the chip will remain secure, even in the depths of the Mariana Trench.
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Tangem Wallet offers the latest example of what the future of crypto will look like for its next billion users.


13M monthly readers

The team boasts a simple and secure user experience across the 170 countries the company operates in. Tangem is also the first company to successfully implement the concept of a seedless wallet.


8M monthly readers

Non-custodial Crypto Wallet

Ivan On Tech

500k subscribers

Tangem is one of the most unique hardware wallets I've ever seen. It's so easy to use — with a tap of a card on the back of your phone. And it's secure, given that it has a super low attack surface area. That's why I use Tangem as my crypto cash wallet where I can send funds quickly and efficiently.


281k subscribers

I love this wallet, price well enough to get multiple cards, easy to use, no restrictions on crypto assets, and it's a great way to share with my kids to teach them how crypto will be used.

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MC Crypto

MC Crypto


I'm not replacing TANGEM for anything in the world. Since i using it, I have been reborn, there is no more secure, easy to use and fast hardware wallet. Love it!
Nordic Crypto
Storing crypto safely should be simple and cheap, Tangem enables that.

Nordic Crypto

13K subscribers

Offline Crypto Wallet
Tangem is seriously a game-changer — they've taken something as complex as crypto storage and made it a breeze to understand and use. The best part? It's super affordable, incredibly secure, and built tolast. No other wallet even comes close.

Cyber Scrilla

1K subscribers

Tangem Cold Wallets
This is the Swiss Army knife of crypto wallets.

Shayne Shiells


If blockchain technology is to be mass-adopted, crypto storage solutions should combine speed, simplicity and security. Those are the very pillars Tangem stands on, offering THE perfect wallet for both new and advanced users. Anyway, check it out yourself and you'll see that self-custody has never been easier!

Maciej Tomczyk

32K subscribers

Brilliant application, easy to use and friendly interface !!but what I like the most is the app is multi chain and you can choose the fees u wanna pay for transactions especially on Ethereum network and that’s a BIG plus from me!

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Review, United Kingdom

Tangem is Nr.1 in BENZINGA's Best Crypto Wallets Ranking.


1M+ readers

This is the future! Seriously who wants to deal with the stress of storing their seed phrase and be prone to hacks...this solves that problem. The card has your private keys as long as you have the card you’re good to go and you can set a pin to all the cards. If 3 cards are not enough you can order 3 more...

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Get answers to your questions.

In anticipation of your questions, we've answered the most common ones. Help Center and online support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The primary benefit of owning a hardware crypto wallet is its enhanced security. Because the private keys are stored offline in the device, it is less vulnerable to hacking attacks or malware that might infect your computer. This reduces the risk of losing your digital assets to theft or fraud. The other major advantage is complete independence. You own your keys and can use your crypto anytime without permission from any third party.
  • Simplicity and security. Your Tangem wallet can be with you anytime; there is no need to charge or connect it with wires. The cards can fit in a pouch with your other credit cards, so you can sign your transactions anywhere. Tangem Wallet is also very easy to use: Just tap the card on your phone to access your crypto. In addition to convenience, the card’s EAL6+ certified chip is as secure as a biometric passport. Simply put, if other hardware wallets were made by geeks for geeks, we combined flawless simplicity and advanced security to make Tangem Wallet for everyone.
  • A 3-card set gives you a better chance at recovering access to your wallet than a 2-card set. If one card is lost or stolen, you can use the other card to access your wallet. But if you lose one card AND forget your access code, you’ll need a third card to reset the access code. Therefore, we recommend getting the 3-card set.
  • Using the best technology humanity has to offer, we painstakingly designed our products to be fully autonomous. Neither Tangem servers nor services are participating or have access to your crypto activities. There is only your card, your phone, and the blockchain. Our products will remain functional in any circumstance: the Tangem App code is available on GitHub; it can be rebuilt even if Apple and Google remove it from their app stores.
  • No. An access code protects the wallet against unauthorized access by third parties and brute-force attacks.
  • Using a seed phrase is optional. There are three ways of key generation in the new Tangem wallet: Using the certified True Random Number Generator TRNG, which generates and stores the keys inside the cards’ chips. Neither Tangem nor anyone else knows it. And no copies exist in space and time outside your Tangem cards (recommended). Generating a seed phrase with the Tangem app and importing it to the card. Importing your seed phrase from another wallet. Unlike the keys the card generates, seed phrases can be copied and stolen. Learn more about seed phrase technology and our opinion here.
  • No, you will not lose access to your funds. You can use your card to access your wallet via any other mobile device. You just have to download the Tangem app on another phone and scan your Tangem cards. Remember, your phone doesn't store sensitive information; it’s just a screen that provides the wallet’s UI for easy access. You can use the Tangem wallet on two or more phones; the number doesn't matter because your wallet’s private keys are stored in the card’s chip.

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Configuration time
1–3 min
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Backup option
Multiple cards for the same wallet, optional seed phrase
Seed phrase (BIP39)
Non-extractable key
Hardware certification
EAL 6+
EAL 5+ or less
Hardware components
Only secure element
Secure element & not certified parts
Anti-counterfeit protection
Firmware attestation
Anti-fake stickers
Water and dust protection
Full (IP68)
Access code protection
Access code recovery
85.6 mm
54 mm
Size  85.6 mm × 54 mm
Thickness  1 mm
Card weight  6 g
Tangem Chip  1 × 1 mm