• Who knows the private key?

    Each Tangem card holds a secure chip that allows you to store and carry digital assets. The private key is generated by and permanently stored within the chip. Nobody has access to it either during or after the manufacturing process. This means that nobody can input, export or make a copy of this key.

  • Where is my crypto hold in?

    Cryptocurrency is in the blockchain physically. Whereas the Tangem card stores private keys to access addresses on the blockchain.

  • What happens if I lose my Tangem Note?

    Since Tangem Note cards don’t have a backup option and in fact it can be compared to fiat money, you can manage the cryptocurrency while you own the card. But if the card is lost it will be impossible to manage the funds.

  • What happens if I lose my Tangem Wallet?

    As because Tangem Wallet includes a set of 2 or 3 cards when activating a card you can make a backup of the key on the other card(s) which will help you to manage your money even if you lose one of the cards.

  • How reliable and safe is it? What if a Tangem сard stops working?

    Tangem Wallet is the most safe and reliable crypto wallet in the world. The chip in your card is a microcomputer which generates the private key that never leaves the card. We have gone an extra mile to prove it externally:

    • The highest certification level among direct competitors that ensures no back doors – EAL6+ by Common Criteria. The same level of chip protection used in passports.

    • The firmware is audited by the world's top laboratory – Kudelski Security.

    • The only hardware wallet with the highest possible rate of protection against environmental conditions – IP68. It is completely safe from dust, water, and hacking attempts.

    • The card is durable enough to perform from -25℃ (-13℉) to +50℃ (122℉). You can even put it in the snow without repercussions.

    • The chip is designed to sign an infinite number of transaction with the life expectancy beyond 25 years.

    • The chip is further protected against EMP (elec-magn pulse), ESD (elec-static discharge), X-rays in compliance with ISO 7816-1 standard.

  • What happens if the app is no longer available for download from App Store/Google Play?

    The previously installed app on your device will be available if the ability to download from the App Store/Google Play suddenly disappears. The app works independently of Tangem's servers and will continue to work even if the company shuts everything down. Tangem solution is fully open source and available at Github, so a replacement app can be created by literally anyone and be used to power the card.

  • If my phone is lost/broken, will I lose access to funds?

    In such a case, you don't lose an access to your assets. You can access your wallet via any other mobile device by using your cards. The phone itself doesn't store any assets you are holding, it's only acting a role of display through visualizing specific data for a certain user via its screen. Storage of private keys and signing of your transactions are performed by your card.

  • Can Tangem block access to the wallet?

    1. Tangem doesn't know anything about its users. There is no registration, verification, we do not know your geo-reference, your citizenship, etc. All we can hypothetically know is your IP address. But VPN solves this problem completely.

    2. Our app is open source and you can find it on GitHub. This means that you have an open-source app, the code of which you can verify and even assemble (with little skill) and use on your own.

    3. Tangem doesn’t have its own servers that are associated with blockchains. That is, the app on the phone directly communicates with the blockchain. The Tangem philosophy is that our goal is to provide you with a technological solution and eliminate as much as possible. As a result, we get the following link: Card<-> App <-> Blockchain.

    4. The card works on the Open Cryto NFC standard. This means that in the worst-case scenario, it is possible to force the card to sign the transaction you need. But the previous points are already convincing enough that this will not happen.

  • Where is the guarantee that the manufacturer doesn’t know the key?

    Tangem card doesn’t have a private key initially. The key is generated when the wallet is created and the card is attached to the mobile device. Moreover, if you reset the card to factory settings and recreate the wallet, public and private keys will be regenerated.

  • How to recover the access code (password) in Tangem Wallet?

    To restore the access code:
    1. Open Tangem app, scan the card you want to reset the password on.
    2. On the access code entry screen, click "Forgot your code?"
    3. On the next screen, enter your new access code twice.
    4. Click «Continue» and attach the card on which you want to reset the password. Wait 15 seconds for the countdown to finish.
    5. Click «Continue» and attach a backup card (second or third from the set). Wait 15 seconds for the countdown to finish.
    6. Scan the card you want to recover again.

  • How to make sure that I bought the original card?

    1. Tangem card cannot be physically modified, as there is a monolithic chip inside the card.
    2. Tangem card cannot be modified in terms of software.
    3. The official app can accurately check:
    - that the card was actually produced by Tangem
    - that the card is flashed with Tangem software
    It is impossible to hack and somehow replace.

    It is completely safe to buy even in the underpass thanks to end-to-end certification. Most importantly, note that:
    1. You have installed the official Tangem app.
    2. Cards should prompt you to create a wallet. If not, reset the cards to factory settings.

  • How can I check that I received an unused card?

    When activated, the cards should prompt you to create a wallet. If not, reset the cards to factory settings and create a wallet, this will generate new public and private keys.

  • What personal data does the company collect?

    Tangem does not monitor incoming or outgoing transactions. We never gather wallet addresses, personal data of users, or any other kind of information which can identify users or users’ phones.

  • Does the Tangem app store user’s data?

    The Tangem app is a blockchain display tool that allows you to see and manage your funds with help of a card. The card is the key to your funds. The application doesn’t store personal data and other data about the user.

  • If Tangem Wallet card is stolen, can a 3rd party access the funds?

    In order to mitigate the risk of losing your Tangem card, we recommend using Tangem products with backup features and set up backup prior to loading funds. If somebody steals your cards, you have another card as your backup. By enabling access codes you will prevent a wrongdoer to transfer your funds.

  • If Tangem Note card is stolen, can a 3rd party access the funds?

    As with traditional banknotes, cards have to be kept physically secure at all times. The whole cryptocurrency value is always solely represented by the chip inside, hence cannot be accessed without the Card. If you lose a Tangem Note, you lose the assets.

  • How to verify the authenticity of the Tangem firmware?

    Tangem card technology dictates a «security through obscurity» approach. Disclosure of the source code within secure elements would render hardware wallets vulnerable. In order to prove that Tangem firmware has no backdoors or bugs that would lead to loss of funds, Tangem has employed a renowned independent security auditor, Kudelski Security. The results of the audit are here.

  • Is it possible to update the card firmware

    For the sake of user safety, the card is flashed once and is not updated again. This eliminates the risk of counterfeit firmware and possible theft of funds. The ability to update the software of a hardware wallet means that you should trust the wallet manufacturer and hope that at some point you will not receive an update that compromises your keys. In the case of Tangem, the card is flashed only once, and the firmware has been audited by independent Swiss company Kudelski Security. Moreover, the card can prove that it has exactly the firmware that was audited. This is one of the wallet's unique features that makes Tangem the most secure and trusted wallet in the world.

  • Will the card work if Tangem doesn't exist as a company? Does Tangem use its own servers?

    Despite the fact that we have no intention going out of business any time soon (running smoothly since 2017), in case something terrible happens, Tangem cards will still continue to be valid. Tangem app use only one company’s server - for card authentication. The server is used only for additional card verification and confirms that this particular card is indeed issued by Tangem. Therefore, even if the server is unavailable, you can still use Tangem cards.