How to Add Custom Tokens to Tangem App

If you can't find the tokens you need in the list of cryptocurrencies that Tangem Wallet supports, you can add them yourself. But only if Tangem Wallet supports the network of these tokens.

For example, let's add a custom token to the Tangem App using Protector Roge (Ethereum network).

To do that:

1. Open your Tangem Wallet and tap Manage tokens.

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2. Then press the + icon in the upper right corner. 


3. You will see a menu for adding a custom token.

How to add tokens to Tangem App_11.jpg


4. Select the network. In our example, we've selected Ethereum

Add Token to tangem app.jpg


4. Open any of these platforms and search for the token you want to add to the Tangem App.,, In our case, it is Protector Roge (PROGE)


6. Copy the smart contract address and go back to the Tangem app.


7. Paste the contract address in the required field.

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If the token is in the Tangem database, The Network, Name, Token symbol, and Decimals will be filled in automatically. Or else, you must enter them manually.

8. In the "BIP44 coin type" field (the transfer path, the currency, and the wallet identifier), select the network value. In our case it is Default.

How to Add Custom Tokens to Tangem App.jpg


9. Tap Add token.

How to add tokens to Tangem App_7.jpg

10. The token has been added. You can see it on the main app screen.

How to add tokens to Tangem App_4.jpg

By following the same process, you can add any tokens running on networks that Tangem Wallet supports to the app.