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How to Reset Tangem Wallet to Factory Settings

You can reset one or all of your Tangem cards to factory settings. This reset erases private and public keys completely from a card and will make it possible to create a new wallet i.e. generate new private keys. 

To reset all three Tangem wallet cards, you must go through the process described in this article for each card.

Important! If you want to reset all of your cards to factory settings, including the main one and the backup cards, you need to transfer all your coins and tokens to another crypto wallet first. Failure to do so will result in permanent loss of all your crypto assets, without possibility to return them.

Make sure that you remember the access code for all your cards! We've seen a lot of cases where users successfully reset all Tangem cards except one. But since they've forgotten their access code for that last card, it becomes useless.

Follow the process below to reset your Tangem wallet to factory settings:

1. Open the Tangem app and press the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.


2. Press Card Settings.


3. On the screen that appears, press the Scan the Card and scan the card you want to reset.


4. On the screen that appears, press Reset to Factory Settings.


5. Confirm that you understand the consequences of resetting the card to factory settings and press Reset the Card.


6. After confirming the reset, your card will be reset to factory settings. The next time you pair the card with your phone, the Tangem app will offer to create a new wallet.