How to add cryptocurrency to the Tangem app

Tangem Wallet is a cold wallet that supports dozens of blockchains and thousands of coins and tokens, and the list is constantly expanding. Simply select the cryptoassets you need from the list.

After activating your Tangem Wallet, you will see just two coins on the home screen: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

To add the coins and tokens you need to:

1. Tap Manage tokens.

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2. Select the tokens you need (scroll down the list or enter the name of the coin/token in the search field).

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3. To add a token to the home screen, tap on its name. A list of networks on which the selected token exists will appear. 
4. To activate a network, click the button next to it. 
5. Press the "Save Changes" button.

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6. The token you have selected in the network you have specified will now be on the app home screen. 

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In our case the BNB coin for the BNB Smart Chain network has also been added, as it is needed to pay the commission on operations involving transferring USDT to the BNB Smart Chain network.

By following the same principle, you can add any coins and tokens that are supported by Tangem Wallet.


Once you have added all the tokens you need to the main screen of the Tangem app, you can receive cryptocurrency to your Tangem wallet. Read about it in our next article.