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How to receive cryptocurrency with Tangem Wallet

To receive cryptocurrency with Tangem Wallet:

1. Go into your Tangem wallet and tap on the cryptocurrency that you want to receive. If the coin you need is not on your home screen, add it by clicking on the “Manage Tokens” button (read more about adding cryptocurrency to the Tangem Wallet app here). 

As an example, let’s take USDT on the Ethereum network (ERC20).


2. After you have selected the coin you need, a screen will appear with the address to which the cryptocurrency will be sent.


3. Tap “Copy” or “Share” to send the address of your wallet to the person who wants to transfer you cryptocurrency.

Important! You must tell the sender which network they need to use to send you the coins. Many tokens exist simultaneously across different networks. If the transfer is not made to the network that you specified when you generated the address, the coins will be lost and it will be impossible to recover them.

In our case, we have selected the ERC20 network.

4. When the sender sends the cryptocurrency to the address you have specified, and the blockchain confirms it, the balance on the home screen of your wallet will be updated and you will see the coins you have received.   

By following the same principle, you can receive any coins and tokens that are supported by Tangem Wallet.

Once you have received your first cryptocurrency in your Tangem wallet, you have the opportunity to send it anywhere. Read about it in our next article.