How to send cryptocurrency from Tangem Wallet

To send cryptocurrency from Tangem Wallet:

1. Ask the recipient for the address of the wallet to which you need to send the coins.

Important! You must find out from the recipient which network you need to use to send them the coins. Many tokens exist simultaneously across different networks. If the transfer is not made to the network that the recipient specified when they generated the address, the coins will be lost and it will be impossible to recover them.

2. Go into your Tangem app and click on the coin that you want to send.

As an example, let’s take TRX on the Tron network.


3. On the screen that appears, tap the "Send" button.


4. On the next screen:

● Enter the address that the recipient has sent you;
● Enter the amount that you want to send the recipient (if you want to transfer the entire balance, click the “Maximum amount” button);


● Tap the "Send" button.


When the blockchain confirms your transaction, the recipient will receive the transfer, the balance on the home screen of your wallet will be updated, minus the coins you have sent.  

By following the same principle, you can send any coins and tokens that are supported by Tangem Wallet.