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How to Send Cryptocurrency from Tangem Wallet

Here's a video guide on sending cryptocurrency from your Tangem Wallet: 


Sending cryptocurrency from your Tangem Wallet is very simple. Here's a quick step-by-step process:

1. Ask the recipient for the address to which the coins should be sent 

Important! You must find out from the recipient which network you need to use to send them the coins. Many tokens exist simultaneously across different networks. If the transfer is not made to the network that the recipient specified when they generated the address, the coins will be lost and it will be impossible to recover them.

2. Go to the Tangem app and click on the desired token.

For example, let’s use TRX on the Tron network.


3. On the screen that appears, press Send.


4. Enter the recipient's address.

5. Enter the amount that you want to send. To transfer your entire balance, click Maximum amount.


6. Press Send.

How to Send Cryptocurrency from Tangem Wallet

7. Enter the code and tap your Tangem card to sign the transaction.

How to send cryptocurrency from tangem wallet.png


8. Hold the card still until the scanning process is completed.

How to send cryptocurrency from tangem_wallet.png

When the blockchain confirms the transaction, the balance on the home screen will update. You will see the coins being debited and the recipient will receive the transfer.

Following the same process described above, you can send any digital currency supported by Tangem Wallet.