How To Tell If Your Tangem Wallet Is Authentic

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Have you just received your order, and you're wondering if your wallet is authentic? Tangem Wallets are now a universally trusted tool for managing and securing cryptocurrencies, but with popularity comes the risk of counterfeits. This guide will walk you through methods to verify your Tangem Wallet confidently.

Overview of Tangem Wallet

When you receive your Tangem Wallet, the cards come without a private key. You alone can generate a private key on the card’s chip when creating a wallet. A simple check will assure you that your device is a genuine Tangem product.

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Verifying your cards’ authenticity with the Tangem app

Tangem cards are monolithic and cannot be physically modified, and our app can accurately check the following:

— Tangem produced the card.

— The card has not been tampered with.

Tangem’s end-to-end certification means it’s entirely safe to buy, even in your city’s underpass. The most important thing to note is that you installed the official Tangem app, which prompts you to create a wallet. If not, reset the cards to factory settings. 

Here’s what to do:

  • Download the official app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Tap the card to your phone and proceed to create a wallet.
  • The app will ask you to create a wallet or notify you of anything wrong with the card. 
    If neither happens, please reset the wallet.

Despite our careful and attentive packaging of orders, errors might occur during packaging. And someone might receive a card not intended for the average user— a very rare scenario. We explain what other cards are available and what you should do if you receive one of these.

Production cards


Production cards are prototype Tangem cards. It is very unlikely that you get one delivered to you. However, human error is sometimes inevitable. You will see this notification:

Authenticity check failed. This card might be a production sample or a counterfeit.

Do not panic and spread FUD on our platforms. Simply contact support directly, and we’ll handle it professionally. Thank you. 

Testnet cards

For testing purposes only. This is a Testnet card. It cannot process transactions and should only be used for testing and development purposes.  

Testnet cards are used to test Tangem wallet features and functionalities. If you receive a testnet card, please contact Tangem support before writing a negative review. We’d be very grateful.

Developer cards

Not for users!  The card you scanned is a developer card. Do not use it to create your wallet. 

Dev cards are Tangem cards designed for developing our products and issued only to our developers. If you accidentally receive a dev card in your order, please contact support immediately.

Resetting your Tangem cards

If you're nervous about your card's tamper-free status, you can reset it after creating a wallet.

Physical verification

Classic Tangem Wallet

classic tangem wallet weight.jpeg

 Three classic Tangem Wallet cards weigh 15 grams.

— New Tangem Wallet

new tangem wallet weight.jpeg

Three new Tangem Wallet cards weigh 18 grams.

Broken seal on the box? It can happen. Don’t panic

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If you receive a Tangem box with a broken seal — this can happen due to a manufacturer defect, rough handling at customs, the temperature in the transportation unit, and more — there's nothing to worry about. A broken seal does not constitute a security breach. 

Update: Tangem boxes are now shrink wrapped — we've stopped using the blue paper seals on the packaging.

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Box contents

The Tangem Wallet box contains the following:

  • 2 or 3 Tangem cards.
  • Getting started leaflet
  • Specifications sheet

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Sticker information and positions

 The sticker position on the Tangem Wallet box may vary — there is no unified/standard sticker placement.  Verify information on the new box and leaflet — it should show the number of cards, production month, and general terms of use. See valid examples below.

Print_Wallet_box sticker_3_card-1.pngPrint_Wallet_box sticker_2_cards-1.png

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Purchasing from authorized resellers

Buy your device directly from Tangem or an authorized distributor/reseller network to ensure you receive an authentic Tangem Wallet. Our official sales channels include:

  • Official e-commerce website:
  • Official Tangem Amazon (coming soon)
  • Official resellers
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Contacting Tangem support

If you suspect you've encountered a counterfeit Tangem Wallet, report it promptly to Tangem Support. This helps safeguard users from potential scams and maintains the integrity of Tangem's brand and products. 

To report a suspected counterfeit, here’s what to do:

  1. Visit the official Tangem website or contact us
  2. Provide detailed information about the alleged counterfeit, including any distinguishing features you've identified. 
  3. Attach clear images or videos showcasing the suspected counterfeit. 

Tangem's support team is well-equipped to investigate such cases and take appropriate action to address the issue.