Tangem Monthly Digest — What happened in October 2023?


The Tangem monthly digest provides a comprehensive update for our users and community members. It includes important tips, company updates, and news related to Tangem. We cover significant events each month, offer security advice, showcase user success stories, and provide insights into the company's operations. Additionally, the digest offers a preview of upcoming events and new products.

Product updates 

This month, we unveiled a range of innovative product updates that promise to elevate your crypto experience.

— New Tangem App released

We released the mobile Tangem app version 5.0 in the nick of time while users almost called for our heads. Thanks to our quick developers and beta testing group, we were able to release our most awaited app update yet. The update features the following: 

  • Dark mode
  • Sorting and grouping tokens
  • Hide balance
  • 24-hour token price changes
  • BTC, ETH transaction histories
  • Rapid access from the homepage

We still have plans to add a market data feature inside the app, address book, cross-chain swap, staking, and integrate more blockchains.

— New Tangem Wallet shipping and delivery 

In September 2023, the new Tangem Wallet started shipping out to customers who preordered some. It was not such a smooth process, but our rapid response customer support and logistics team were up to the task of addressing user concerns. Tangem appreciates your patience, and thanks for choosing Tangem as a haven for your crypto assets.

— A new reseller page 

Grow your business by becoming an official Tangem reseller. Tangem's redesigned partnership page livens the experience for our potential partners and current users. 

The new reseller webpage seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with user-friendly navigation. Our unwavering commitment to convenience is reflected in the design; every click and scroll is effortless, ensuring visitors can easily explore our offers on any device. 

Potential users can now search for a reseller closer to their home by continent and country. This functionality helps avoid import taxes and long wait times for delivery.

Tangem Partnerships

In October, Tangem forged significant partnerships that marked a milestone in its journey toward enhancing crypto security. These collaborations brought together expertise and resources to further advance our innovative cold storage solutions.

— TRON DAO and Tangem

We added support for the TRON Network and its native TRX coin. Users can buy, sell, send, and receive TRC-20 tokens Tangem supports. The transaction fee on Tron's decentralized platform is very low compared to its rival blockchain, Ethereum.

We also collaborated with the TRON DAO to launch 1000 Tron-branded wallets. The wallet prominently displays the TRON logo in the DAO's recognizable red, black, and white color palette. Tangem hardware wallets are credit-card-sized, making them compact and convenient for users to carry in their pockets. You can  get them now at tron.tangem.com 

Tangem aims to become the TRON community's number-one universal hardware wallet by fully supporting its features and updates. Currently, we are actively working on adding Tron staking, management tools for energy & bandwidth resources, and WalletConnect 2.0, which will allow users to connect to dApps developed on the Tron network.

— Origin Protocol

Receiving stablecoin yield from OUSD requires smart contracts to opt-in. However, most AMMs frequently use immutable contracts or refuse to deal with the complexity associated with tokens with an ever-increasing balance.

Fortunately, Tangem Wallet has integrated support for OGN, OGV, OUSD, and OETH, allowing users to manage their O-tokens securely and with unparalleled ease. The Origin Protocol is an Ethereum-powered platform that aims to make Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFTs more accessible to the general public.

— BAD Idea AI

Tangem collaborated with BAD Idea AI to launch 350 exclusive custom-branded hardware wallets for unparalleled security and a safe solution for the BAD community. We also integrated a $BAD token into the wallet. 

New distribution agreements with new B2B resellers in several countries

Tangem also signed more new distribution agreements with several B2B resellers.

Our newly formed partnerships are expected to significantly increase its accessibility and reach within these markets, allowing more users seamless access to our hardware wallets. 

This expansion also reflects our devotion to democratizing secure crypto storage. With these new reseller agreements, we will make an even bigger impact on the crypto landscape while making a case for secure hardware wallets and their role in the broader cryptocurrency industry.

Community highlights:

— New reviews from your favorite bloggers

Tangem Wallets received a flood of video reviews in multiple languages in September. Seeing how much interest and trust the Tangem wallet has sparked is truly amazing. Diverse reviews highlight Tangem's universal appeal and accessibility to a global audience. 

Check them out on YouTube.

Users from various linguistic backgrounds can always access insightful and relatable content about our wallets. These videos represent a growing community of experts united in their enthusiasm for Tangem's revolutionary approach to crypto security. 

Behind the scenes at Tangem

— New additions to the Tangem Team

We've recently hired new folks with much experience and knowledge in blockchain tech, security, and user experience. In Oct ber, we filled some vacant positions, including a community manager, who you will soon see on our social media channels.

Tangem also welcomed new editors for different languages after putting a vacancy ad on our SM channels— The Tangem adoption initiative. We're grateful to everyone who filled out our application. Thank you for your interest in helping Tangem grow.

With a shared goal of making cryptocurrency accessible, safe, and easy to use for everyone, the expanded Tangem team is ready to lead the industry in providing secure solutions that meet the changing needs of the global crypto community.

Upcoming events and announcements in November


NEARCON 2023, Lisbon Portugal

A Tangem team member will represent us at the NEAR Foundation's convention on November 7, 2023.  Representatives from across the Blockchain & Web3 space will gather in Lisbon to connect with other projects, speakers, builders & multi-chain enthusiasts from the crypto community. Don't miss out. We may or may not have a surprise for you.

Cardano summit 2023 Dubai

Tangem will host an exclusive workshop at Cardano Summit 2023 showcasing the much-awaited Tangem Rings, the first-ever ring-shaped hardware wallet, and ground-breaking self-custodial VISA payment solution.  You can join us for the masterclass on November 3 to dive deep into recent developments in cold storage and payments. All participants will receive a Tangem Ring as a gift.

Our gratitude

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to the amazing Tangem community. Your steadfast backing, valuable input, and thoughtful feedback are the driving forces behind our ongoing progress and achievements. Every remark, idea, and engagement reinforces our commitment to crafting products that surpass your expectations. Togeth r, we are influencing the evolution of crypto security. We appreciate your crucial role in the Tangem journey and look forward to achieving more milestones and innovations together.