Tangem Collaborates with BAD Idea AI to Launch Exclusive Hardware Wallets

Tangem Collaborates with BAD Idea AI to Launch Exclusive Hardware Wallet.png

What happens when you combine an innovative meme token with a secure hardware wallet? You get what you've been waiting for. Tangem is thrilled to share news of an exciting collaboration with BAD Idea AI. 
We've been asked various questions, such as the nature of our partnership, the details about Bad Idea AI (BAD), the appearance of these wallets, and how to get one. In this article, we provide answers to all these queries.

What exactly is Bad Idea AI (BAD)?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become a big part of our everyday lives, affecting many areas of society. It ranges from helpful virtual assistants to intelligent algorithms that help us make better decisions. 

Ensuring AI is available to everyone is important because it lets everyone enjoy its advantages. This makes life better for everyone, no matter where they're from or how much they have. But what if AI advances so fast that it changes how our society works, and humans aren't in charge anymore?

That's where Bad Idea AI ($BAD) comes in. It's a decentralized experiment and the first AI meme token that brings together Blockchain, AI, and DAOs. BAD IDEA wants to form a partnership between humans and AI. It does this by using the power of blockchain and DAOs to create a system with tokens where both groups have a say in our future together.

Does their mission and concept sound like a lot to you? We understand. But that doesn't stop us from giving users what they want. 

Tangem and BAD IDEA AI

BAD Idea AI wants the best for its community and has come to the right place. The BAD Idea AI x Tangem collaboration brings users 350 exclusive custom-branded hardware wallets for unparalleled security and a safe solution for storing your BAD tokens.

BAD idea AI Tangem Wallet.png

BAD-branded Tangem hardware wallets

Taking a cue from Tangem’s previous collaborations, the BAD-branded Tangem hardware wallet incorporates elements of BAD’s branding and Tangem's design style. 

The wallet displays BAD’s AI avatar logo in the community’s recognizable teal color palette. It also has secure chip technology, anti-counterfeit protection, innovative smart backups, NFC connectivity, and other features that make the Tangem Wallet unique.

Powered by Tangem BAD Idea AI wallet.png

Why get a BAD-branded Tangem hardware wallet?

The real question is, should you miss the chance to enjoy unparalleled security, ease of use, and a touch of BAD Idea AI style in your crypto journey? Here are the top reasons to choose BAD Х Tangem Wallet:

  • Great user experience & seamless management of your crypto.
  • Bank card shaped: sign transactions with just one tap.
  • Manage your funds on the go: all you need is a Tangem card and an NFC-enabled phone.
  • Self-custody and cold storage.
  • The industry-leading standard of chip security: EAL6+
  • Unparalleled security and maximum water and dust resistance: IP68
  • Counterfeit protection.
  • 25+ years replacement warranty.
  • Store BAD and up to 6000+ cryptos on 37+ blockchains in just one place.
  • Buy BAD with your bank card directly inside Tangem Wallet.
  • Get connected to DeFi and stake BAD by just tapping your card on the phone.
  • Exchange, swap, and transact other crypto assets.


Where to get a BAD-branded Tangem Wallet

bad idea ai tangem wallet countdown.png
The sale for Bad Idea AI branded Tangem Wallets is now LIVE! Secure your crypto in style by purchasing one on the wallet's page

What makes Bad Idea AI unique?

$BAD stands out due to its bold and ambitious approach to artificial intelligence. It's an experiment, both socially and technologically, to see if highly advanced AI can work hand in hand with humans to create a better future or if it might lead to a gloomy outcome. 

The project strongly emphasizes the decentralized nature of BAD IDEA AI and how the community is involved, making it a joint effort to ensure that AI benefits everyone.

As mentioned in the whitepaper, the creators of BAD are leaders in the world of blockchain, dedicated to supporting the Consortium of AI for Humanity's Advancement (CONAIHA) protocol. With extensive experience in AI, they're committed to ensuring that AI plays a role in our future in a decentralized way. This means no single AI corporation can dominate our society like Amazon or Apple does today.

About Tangem

When it comes to safeguarding what's important to you — like your cryptocurrency — from potential threats like AI-driven hackers, Tangem is the answer. Describing the Tangem Wallet as just a simple, sleek, and secure hardware wallet doesn't do it justice.

Picture a plastic smart card, similar in size to your regular bank card but equipped with an EAL6+ certified chip developed in partnership with Samsung semiconductors. This chip defends against all sorts of attacks, whether invasive or not.

Comparing tangem to other hardware wallets.png

Tangem is a self-controlled cold wallet with an innovative backup system without a seed phrase. However, it also offers that option for those who swear by seed phrases. It's completely resistant to water and dust and connects to the Tangem app on your phone through a built-in NFC antenna. With no batteries, wires, or other potential points of failure, it's incredibly reliable.

With a wallet warranty that spans 25 years, complete user independence, and a powerful app that allows you to buy, sell, swap, stake, and keep an eye on your crypto, Tangem Wallet is in a league of its own.

The road ahead for BAD Idea AI and Tangem

BAD wants to take the whole web3 community on an exciting adventure into the unknown. You can help shape this experiment and improve our understanding of AI, blockchain, and DAOs. You might even help create a new path for the future of technology and governance through the BAD IDEA project.

Tangem has some exciting plans ahead! We're working on new product updates, wearable wallets, and even expanding to more blockchain networks. Tangem is also teaming up with ChangeNOW to create Tangem Express. This tool allows Tangem Wallet users to swap between blockchains easily, convert cryptocurrencies, and access various services in the wallet.

In short, both BAD and Tangem communities have a bright future, and you can be part of it.