Tangem integrates the TRON Network and Launches New TRON Wallets


Tangem, a leading innovator in hardware wallet technology, has redefined digital asset security and ease of use. The card-shaped wallets are known for providing a level of security akin to a bank’s vault.  

With dedication to community satisfaction, Tangem's strategic collaborations are vital for industry growth, fostering innovation and trust, and bridging the gap between decentralized and traditional finance. 

In this article, we explain our recent collaboration with the TRON DAO and how it further enhances safety and utility, contributing to broader crypto adoption and more secure industry. 

What is Tangem?

With cold crypto wallets designed to withstand even the most sophisticated attacks, Tangem ensures that users can confidently receive, send, swap, stake, and store cryptocurrencies. Our unwavering commitment to security symbolizes trust for the global crypto community in a space marked by volatility, disruption, and hacking exploits

Tangem's mission centers on five key pillars:

  • Anti-counterfeit protection. 
  • Private keys are generated inside the chip during wallet activation. Nobody has access to the keys.
  • Smart backup system. Three wallets instead of one with the same level of security.
  • Users’ private keys cannot be disclosed under any circumstances.
  • Cards are protected by the user’s access code or biometric authentication.
  • Option to use a seed phrase for backup
  • Certified hardware. 
  • Audited firmware.
  • A fully open-source app that anyone on GitHub can audit.
  • 3 Monolithic cards. Maximum resistance to dust and water, IP68 certified.
  • Tangem chip is developed in cooperation with Samsung Semiconductors, Inc.
  • 25 years: replacement warranty based on the minimum chip lifetime.
  • Extreme operating temperatures from –25°C to +50°C.
  • Tangem chip is protected against EMP, ESD, and X-rays in compliance with ISO 7816-1 standard.
  • No Tangem servers are involved. All crypto operations go directly to public blockchain nodes or API services.
  • No user data collection like IPs, addresses, balances, transactions, etc.
  • No KYC services.
  • Credit card-shaped device. Easy to carry in your wallet.
  • Uses NFC protocol: no wires or batteries.
  • Wallet activation in 3 minutes.
  • Works anytime, anywhere.

What is the TRON DAO about?

TRON DAO is a community-governed project dedicated to boosting the decentralization of the internet via blockchain technology and dApps. Founded by H.E. Justin Sun, TRON has delivered impressive achievements since its MainNet launch in May 2018. TRON DAO is committed to creating an accessible blockchain experience through several core pillars:

  • Scalability: TRON efficiently processes a high volume of transactions, making it suitable for various decentralized applications (DApps).
  • Decentralization: TRON strives for a truly decentralized internet, allowing token holders to participate in governance through Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS).
  • User-friendliness: TRON's tools and dApps are designed for users of all technical backgrounds.
  • Accessibility: The DAO aims to make blockchain accessible by providing a cost-effective environment for DApp development.
  • Interoperability: TRON connects different blockchain networks to create a more interconnected ecosystem.
  • Community: TRON actively invests in creators developing projects within its ecosystem, particularly focusing on supporting eco-educators, influencers, and developers. This includes providing resources, funding, and encouragement for projects related to DAO and initiatives aimed at enhancing network security through bug discovery and vulnerability assessments.

Tangem and TRON DAO collaboration unveiled

As part of our new collaboration, Tangem will create TRON-branded cards and packaging while supporting more TRON network features in the wallet, which puts Tangem as a special wallet for the TRON community.

Tron-branded Tangem wallets

The TRON-branded Tangem cards incorporate elements of TRON's color scheme and Tangem's wallet design approach. Here’s an overview of these wallets.


Tangem integrates the TRON Network and Launches New TRON Wallets (3).png
TRON-branded Tangem Wallets


Design: The wallet prominently displays the TRON logo in the DAO’s recognizable red, black, and white color palette. Tangem's hardware wallets are credit-card-sized, making them compact and convenient for users to carry in their pockets.

Security features: The TRON-branded Tangem wallet will have the new Tangem Wallet’s security features, such as secure chip technology, PIN protection, anti-counterfeit protection, innovative smart backups, and an optional seed phrase, ensuring the utmost safety for users' assets.

Connectivity: Like other Tangem wallets, it will feature NFC connectivity for easy interaction with the Tangem app to ensure the standard 3-minute setup and ease of use: no batteries, no wires, no screens 

Packaging: The wallet’s packaging will showcase Tangem’s and TRON's logos, reinforcing our collaboration and promoting brand awareness.

One small step for Tangem, one giant leap for Crypto Adoption

Tangem integrates the TRON Network and Launches New TRON Wallets (1).png


Tangem aims to become the TRON community's number-one universal hardware wallet by fully supporting its features and updates. Currently, we are actively working on adding Tron staking, management tools for energy & bandwidth resources, and WalletConnect 2.0, which will allow users to connect to dApps developed on the Tron network.

Our choice to collaborate with TRON in creating hardware wallets is progress for the wider cryptocurrency community. Users benefit from our wallet’s robust security by securing and using their TRX and TRC-20 tokens. Here’s why:

  • Eco-friendliness
    TRON offers cost-effective, swift, and energy-efficient transactions, contrasting sharply with Bitcoin and Ethereum's high fees. 

    Additionally, Tangem's hardware wallets promote sustainability by eliminating the need for charging, batteries, and energy consumption, making it a more environmentally conscious choice than other hardware wallet makers.

  • Enhanced transaction speed: The TRON network has swift transaction processing capabilities. When combined with the high-speed Tangem wallet app, users can enjoy a seamless and efficient crypto experience, ensuring rapid sending and receiving.

  • Real-world utility: In the future, Tangem's hardware wallets could help users make everyday purchases and transactions on the TRON network with their crypto assets.

  • Promoting crypto adoption: TRON and Tangem are both driving the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. TRON offers a swift and cost-effective network for managing transactions and payments, aiming to boost global crypto adoption. 

    Tangem provides a secure and user-friendly solution for storing and using cryptocurrency. Together, they facilitate easier and more widespread use of digital currencies.
  • Community: The collaboration leverages our active communities built on integrity and advanced technology. It bolsters the trustworthiness of TRON's ecosystem, offering users confidence in the security of their assets.

  • Brand recognition:
    These limited-edition TRON-branded Tangem wallets boost brand recognition for both companies by creating a physical presence for TRON beyond the digital. The wallets serve as walking advertisements, increasing visibility and awareness.

     Moreover, this collaboration introduces Tangem's user base to TRON and TRON's community to Tangem, encouraging mutual exploration and engagement.

What’s next?

Tangem's collaboration with the TRON DAO promises exciting opportunities for all crypto users. The Tangem Wallet will support TRX and TRC-20 tokens and incorporate more TRON network features into our hardware wallets. 

Furthermore, Tangem and TRON will work on educational initiatives to promote blockchain technology and security through events, webinars, and forums. Keep up with the latest updates and stay ahead in the crypto space by following us on social media.