Tangem 2023 Year in Review: Milestones and Achievements

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The year is almost over, and we're delighted to present a comprehensive recap of our journey over the past 12 months. We'll be going through the highlights, triumphs, and milestones that have defined the past year for Tangem. 

In this special blog post, we want to share the incredible and collaborative efforts that have shaped our company and strengthened our commitment to providing your favorite hardware wallet.

Key achievements

What did we do, and how far have we come as a company?

New Tangem Wallet and Rebranding

Tangem proudly introduced the next iteration of our credit card-shaped wallet — the New Tangem Wallet. We also changed our logo, color palette, style guide, and more.

New Tangem Identity.png

The new Tangem Wallet has a sleeker design, a seed phrase option, access code recovery control, and enhanced security features.

Our rebranding goes beyond just a new appearance; it mirrors Tangem's dedication to excellence and innovation in the fast-paced crypto industry.

Tangem Marketing Team (2).png

The new visuals and messaging highlight Tangem's core values: security, style, and simplicity.

Learn more about the new Tangem Wallet here


The Tangem Ring prototype

We unveiled a groundbreaking product — the Tangem Ring — at the 2023 Cardano Summit in Dubai, marking the world's first wearable cold wallet.

Tangem Unveils Wearable Ring At 2023 Cardano Summit.png

Departing from the staple credit card-shaped device, the Tangem Ring is a beautiful, glossy piece of jewelry that seamlessly integrates elegant design with powerful functionality. 

The ring combines secure element technology with the convenient form factor, ensuring the highest level of protection against invasive and non-invasive attacks. We made the prototypes from zirconium dioxide, a durable ceramic-like substance known for its hardness, making it resistant to everyday wear and tear. The Tangem Ring is still in the testing phase with various manufacturers.

Find more information about Cardano summit and Tangem ring here


Co-branded wallets

As part of our new collaborations with several Web3 projects and communities — Shiba, BAD idea AI, TRON, Kaspa, Trilliant, and more — Tangem created several co-branded cards and packaging that incorporate elements of the project's brand identity and Tangem's wallet design approach.

Blog_cards (1).png

The co-branded Tangem Wallet has all the advanced security features in the new Tangem Wallet. These include secure chip technology, PIN protection, anti-counterfeit measures, and our innovative smart backup system.

Co-branded Tangem wallets offer a powerful avenue that allows communities to leverage Tangem's hardware security while showcasing their brand identity. By customizing your Tangem Wallet, your business can enhance its reputation for prioritizing user security and privacy, building trust in your community.

Order a co-branded wallet for your community and get them delivered to you or customers directly. Contact us

Worldwide expansion

100,000+ happy users in 160 countries across the globe

Tangem successfully entered new international markets by forming strategic partnerships with resellers and B2B partners to help distribute our hardware wallets.


We increased the number of supported languages and debuted a French and German Tangem homepage and a German telegram chat. This expansion solidifies our position as a key player in the hardware wallet space, and we hope to continue spreading our message — and solutions — in new languages.


87000+ community members

We're also celebrating the remarkable growth of the Tangem community— 87,000 strong across various social networks. We're grateful for the vibrant discussions, support, and enthusiasm each member brings to our growing community.

From engaging discussions on Telegram to lively interactions on X (Twitter) and beyond, our diverse community continues to drive and inspire us. Thank you for making Tangem a lively space for all things crypto.


Global recognition: video reviews in 30+ languages

One of the most illuminating aspects of our journey in 2023 was the surge of video reviews from influencers, experts, and ordinary users that flooded the internet—captivating audiences in over 30 languages. 

From the heart of bustling metropolises to the quiet towns on far-reaching continents, Tangem Wallet resonated with a diverse group of users. People from all walks of life, each with a unique perspective, took their time to express an opinion of Tangem Wallet. 

We're grateful to everyone who helped grow our community by creating these videos.


Crypto events attended

Tangem actively participated in several Web3 events in 2023:

  • Permissionless II
  • TOKEN2049
  • Cardano Summit
  • NearCON
  • Web3 Berlin 
  • EthCC 6 Paris
  • Paris Blockchain week
  • DEGAMIFI WEB3 conference. 

Our distinguished team, including our CTO, CCO, marketing managers, blockchain analyst, and brand ambassadors, represented Tangem excellently.

Tangem at Permissionless II.png

During these events, we conducted live demonstrations and offered a limited release of the new Tangem Wallet and Tangem Ring. Attendees also had the exclusive chance to acquire some co-branded wallets.

Adding a touch of entertainment, we organized lottery games with exciting prizes, including Tangem merchandise such as bottles, T-shirts, hoodies, power banks, travel accessories for in-flight naps, tote bags, bracelets, baseball caps, and wallets.

Tangem at TOKEN2049-min.png

We appreciate the insightful conversations and the opportunity to showcase the innovative features of the new Tangem Wallet and share our progress on wearable wallets and Tangem Pay — a VISA-backed payment solution.


Product and service updates

We made some changes and added more features to all Tangem products.

Second firmware audit 

Tangem successfully passed a second independent audit of our hardware wallet. In this fresh audit, Riscure dissected the Tangem Wallet, examining both its source code and architecture. They comprehensively tested all functionalities and commands accessible via the NFC interface to discover potential vulnerabilities and logic-related security issues. 

Second firmware audit.jpgThe security assessment found no issues that could expose the wallet's private keys. Notably, no backdoors in the firmware were detected that might be susceptible to exploitation.

These audit findings reinforce our commitment to delivering a secure device that effectively shields users from various potential attacks.


New intuitive mobile app

We unveiled a significant mobile app update that integrated our fresh brand identity and style while responding to numerous user requests for enhanced functionality. 

Dark mode screenshot new Tangem Wallet?

The revamped Tangem app introduces a sleek dark mode, enables quick actions directly from the homepage, incorporates 24HR token price changes, and introduces other user-friendly features.


New website UI/UX 

We revamped our homepage and partnership web pages. The new pages showcase our contemporary brand aesthetic, seamlessly blending visual appeal with user-friendly navigation. We made every click and scroll effortless, ensuring visitors can easily explore our wallet's features and advantages.

Tangem 2023 Year in Review Milestones.png

Load times were significantly reduced across all devices, eliminating lag and enabling users to access crucial information swiftly. The enhanced interface not only elevates aesthetics but also improves functionality.

Market Trends and Industry Analysis

How did the market for cold storage solutions fare in 2023?

Rising importance of cold storage solutions

With the growing awareness of security threats facing centralized exchanges and hot wallets, the market shifted towards cold storage solutions, especially hardware wallets. 

Over $1,5 billion in customer and project funds were drained in various attacks in 2023. These exploits encompass a range of smart contract vulnerabilities and sophisticated hacking events, underscoring the crypto ecosystem's persistent security challenges. 

By catering to the demand for simple and secure offline private key storage, Tangem Wallets became a preferred choice for many users seeking refuge.

Challenges faced

The passing year had its share of challenges—some we've addressed, while others are still being tackled.

Supply chain disruptions

In 2023, Tangem faced unprecedented supply chain challenges due to a perfect storm of global disruptions and surging demand. We mitigated the impact through proactive communication, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and maintaining product availability.

To those impacted by this disruption, we appreciate your patience in waiting for your Tangem wallet and assure you that our team is diligently working to fulfill orders promptly. Our utmost priority is your satisfaction, and we are committed to exceeding your expectations while navigating these challenges.

Sustainability commitments

In 2023, Tangem embraced sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices in our manufacturing processes and packaging. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and promoting a greener future.

Tangem team highlights

We passed a crucial crossroads as our team grew to 85 employees. What started as a tight-knit team has evolved into a diverse group of passionate people dedicated to providing you with the best self-custodial experience. 

Tangem Marketing Team (1).png

We're grateful for an incredible team that makes Tangem a vibrant community shaping the future of cryptocurrency security.

Future outlook

As we step into Q1 2024, we're gearing up for ongoing growth and innovation. Our priorities include:

  • Integrating new blockchains during our Winter Blockchain Marathon.
  • Introducing transaction history for a major network.
  • Launching our proprietary crypto exchange aggregator — Tangem Express.
  • Integrating market data page inside the app.
  • Rolling out additional app features demanded by our rapidly growing user base.
  • Growing the Tangem development, support, and content team.

We will publish a more detailed roadmap for the next year soon.


While wrapping up 2023, we want to thank our incredible team, supportive partners, and vibrant community. Your unwavering support and passion have propelled us to new heights in the outgoing year.

We've achieved milestones, embraced innovation, and built a community centered on security and trust. We are grateful for the shared moments and look forward to the exciting future. Thank you for being a vital part of Tangem's story.

Happy holidays and a wonderful New Year!