transforms trust
with the power
of blockchain



The Key to Rock Solid Trust

Businesses and organizations are built on trust. Trust that your trades are legitimate, that your products aren’t counterfeit, and that you are exactly who you say who are. Tangem elevates that trust to an entirely new level.

Our chip-to-chain technology creates a form of digital trust unlike anything the world has ever seen.

There’s no need for intermediary validation. No more concerns about authenticity or fear of fraud.

It’s rock-solid trust, delivered in the convenience of a chip and controlled with any mobile device.


One Revolutionary Chip

Our global team of leading blockchain experts have spent over 10 years developing Tangem’s revolutionary chip-to-chain technology. We’ve succeeded to bring the power of blockchain to the physical world in a chip that transforms trust for businesses and organizations of all kinds.

Key features

  • Blockchain-compatible cryptography
  • Proprietary firmware, audited by Kudelski Security
  • Connects to smart devices with near-field communication
  • 50% leaner than conventional chips for affordability

Tangem springboards CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) Into Reality

CBDC is an imminent reality and it should be our collective priority; it will be the most important trend for the future of money and payments over the next decade. The path we take will have a major implication for privacy, monetary sovereignty, geopolitics and financial inclusion. It is essential therefore that there is no tradeoff between privacy, security, speed and accessibility.

Tangem’s Swiss Army Knife


At Tangem we have created the Swiss Army Knife that addresses all these critical features, with the aim to be the toolkit to catapult CBDC into a reality for ALL. We are simultaneously a programmable privacy platform as well as a secure hardware tool, in the form of an NFC card, which acts as a distribution option for CBDC creating an important onramp for the financially excluded, whilst enabling responsible innovation.
Trust as Ambassador


Trust is key in this payments revolution and we built our technology with trust as our ambassador who links an unbreakable chain between citizens’ pockets and National Treasury records.
Work With Us


Tangem works with governments, system integrators, financial institutions and industry partners to build a secure and simple digital world. Inquire about CBDC solution here: [email protected]

Reimagine trust with Tangem

Stock and Commodities exchange

Go from chip-to-chain during trades, securely carrying and storing your blockchain assets in hand.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Reinvent the way you authenticate products, cutting out the counterfeits that damage your brand.

Gaming Collectibles

Bring the collectibles people crave from digital games to real life – now without the fear of deception and fraud.


Revolutionize the customer experience for blockchain assets with unparalleled convenience and security.


Build rock-solid trust between citizens and national national treasury and records offices in an age of uncertainty.


How Tangem Works


Tangem’s hardware connects directly to private & public blockchains for flawless validation by a decentralized database of truth.


Use Tangem’s software kit & tools to build a custom application for mobile devices or other touch points.


Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology enables the Tangem chip to interact with any smartphone or tap-and-go interface.


The chip’s firmware creates cryptographic keys that interact with the blockchain for end-to-end verifiability.  It operates with proprietary code, audited by Kudelski Security.


A custom chip that is 50% leaner than conventional chips. The chips can be embedded in physical objects of all kinds.


Tap into unimaginable advantages

Tangem’s benefits extend far beyond rock-solid security. Realize unimaginable business advantages with the power of Tangem. All with the tap of a key unlike any the world has seen.

Unthinkable savings


A costly third-party is required to verify financial transactions. Expensive notaries are needed to sign documents. Public officials must be paid to issue identification or register property. Tangem eliminates the need for all these intermediaries, cutting costs for your business or organization that were simply unimaginable before.
Rock-solid accuracy


Transactions with Tangem are connected directly to the blockchain for approval by a network of thousands or millions of computers. Our chip-to-chain technology removes almost all human involvement in the verification process, resulting in less error and unprecedented accuracy.
Never-stop operations


Blockchain with Tangem works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can conduct business in seconds with unprecedented convenience. Forget about traditional business hours and traditional operations. Unlock the power of blockchain.

The Power of Blockchain Explained

Tangem’s benefits extend far beyond rock-solid security. Realize unimaginable business advantages with the power of Tangem. All with the tap of a key unlike any the world has seen.



Blockchain does not store any information in a central location. Instead, the blockchain is copied and spread across a network of computers. By spreading information across this network, blockchain is practically tamper proof.


Blockchain uses public-key cryptography to deliver unparalled security.  It validates the identity of the sender while Tangem’s private key maintains the immutability of the transaction.


Blockchains are inherently immutable, meaning they are permanent and cannot be altered. This permanence is key to how Tangem facilitates trust and the absolutely rock-solid integrity of data.


Blockchains can be audited to explore transactions and validate participant claims of transaction. The auditability establishes consensus by all participants and maintains the blockchain’s validity as it grows.

Our Story

Tangem is the result of over a decade of research and development in microchip technology.

Our first application was in the cryptocurrency sector, where we pioneered plastic cards for various cryptocurrencies as self-custody instruments.

The cards proved our technology to the world and highlighted the limitless possibilities of our chip-to-chain technology. They are currently retailed on Tangemcards.com and by selected partners.

Since delivering this proof-of-concept to the market, Tangem has worked with leading financial services and technology companies to bridge their exciting use cases for blockchain with practical, tangible products.

Tangem operates globally with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland and operations in San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Moscow.


Our Leadership

Sergio Mello

Sergio is fundamentally a builder and operator with razor sharp instincts for disruptive enterprises. From aviation and transport to communication and business strategy, Sergio has a track-record connecting resources and people to build innovation eco-systems that bring disruptive solutions to market.

Sergio is an unusual hybrid of European, Asian and American business acumen with an unrelenting belief in the power of blockchain to transform trust for global good.

Andrey Kurennykh

Andrey began coding at age 11 in 1989, becoming one of Russia’s first kid programmers in a life’s journey that eventually led to Tangem’s revolutionary chip-to-chain technology. Over his 20 plus year career, Andrey has leveraged his talent with computing and microelectronics to disrupt business as usual in financial services and telecoms on a global scale.

With trust under siege worldwide, he believes blockchain will become the rock-solid bastion of truth that all of humanity needs. Tangem is the key.

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