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Universal Portal to Digital Assets
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Command Trust to the Edges
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Take Control in Your Hands

Universal Portal to Digital Assets

Everyone deserves access to financial inclusion, privacy, security and self-sovereignty. With asymmetric cryptography in a tangible interface, a physical card, Tangem has made access so simple that there is zero onboarding learning curve, yet extensible to cover a variety of use cases.

Get the best of modern finance, without even owning a phone.


Command Trust to the Edges

Trust is Key. Businesses and organisations are built on trust, but that trust is broken. Tangem provides probative methods in a trustless society. Tangem sets the right technical conditions to bring about a new era of trust; having built the shortest chain of trust between you and the ledger – Tangem bypasses middlemen, eliminates heavy infrastructure and reduces attack surface, all delivered in the simplicity of a card, meaning the control is handed to you, the rightful owner.


Take Control in Your Hands

Tangem with its chip-to-chain technology has created a customisable platform for all your needs; from crypto wallets to CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Tangem has prioritised that when it comes to toolkits there is no tradeoff between privacy, security, speed and accessibility.

Tangem is a Swiss Army Knife that shifts responsibility to the users; cutting out middlemen, allowing permissionless and private payments, in the form of an NFC card.

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Tangem's Revolutionary Chip

Tangem’s team of experts have spent over 10 years developing Tangem’s chip-to-chain technology. We’ve succeeded in bringing the power of blockchain to the physical world in a chip that transforms trust for businesses and organisations of all kinds.

  • Blockchain-compatible cryptography
  • Proprietary firmware, audited by Kudelski Security
  • Connects to smart devices with near-field communication
  • 50% leaner than conventional chips for affordability

How tangem works


Tangem’s first application was in the cryptocurrency sector: pioneering cards for cryptocurrencies as self-custody instruments. The cards highlighted the limitless possibilities of the chip-to-chain technology. They are currently retailed on shop.tangem.com and by selected partners.

Since delivering this proof-of-concept to the market, Tangem has worked with leading financial services and technology companies to bridge their use cases with practical, tangible products and bring about a more meaningful, secure and inclusive era.

Tangem operates globally with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland and operation in San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Moscow.

Work with Tangem

Tangem works with governments, system integrators, financial institutions, digital asset issuers, exchanges and wallets, industry partners and any consumer retails business planning to deliver financial services.

Inquire about working together at [email protected]

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