The first smart banknote
for digital assets

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Tangem Note


The chip inside the card contains a Private key which can’t be extracted or copied. Ever.


Secure crypto storage, good for selling and distribution when preloaded.

  • Selling crypto currencies in retail
  • Selling and airdropping ICO/ STO/ IEO tokens
  • Selling tokenized assets
  • Low-cost secure hardware wallet
  • Gifts, events, community, promotions

Uncopiable wallet

20+ years storage of digital assets and guaranteed protection against cloning,counterfeit and double-spending.


The reincarnation of cash banknote and bank checks — Tangem is a physical carrier for cryptocurrency or any other digital asset nested in blockchains.

Instant and free

Handing over is an off-chain payment — no transaction fees, no need to await confirmation in a host blockchain.

Easy to use

No special infrastructure, no complicated applications for the tech-savvy — just check Tangem online with any NFC-capable smartphone to be 100% sure it has valid assets.

Tangem industry solutions
for blockchain

Tangem Tag for Product authentication

Securing the authenticity of physical goods by storing its unique identity.

  • Unclonable
  • No dedicated platform
  • No need for an integrator
  • No special infrastructure and devices
  • No risk of centralized hacking

Tangem ID

A low-cost, flexible ID solution for ID-less people, large events.

  • Instant issue, perso and printing
  • Personal and biometric data securely stored on-card
  • Unclonable and tamperproof
  • Validation with any NFC-enabled phone
  • Offline validation
  • No dedicated platform and integrator
  • No risk of centralized hacking


Merging the flexibility and versatility of blockchain ticketing with the traditional reliability of a paper ticket

  • Seamless integration between digital and physical ticket
  • Customizable functionality and spectator experience
  • The most secure ticketing solution ever
  • Compatible with all existing blockchain-based ticketing systems

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Supported assets












Tangem App

Tangem App helps you access any Tangem Note or Tangem Tag easily. Source codes of iOS and Android applications are on GitHub. Everyone can verify and ensure it is safe.

With Tangem App you can:

  • Create/erase wallet on a card
  • Verify balance on a Tangem Note
  • Verify validity of assets on Tangem Note/ Tangem Tag or Tangem ID
  • Attest a Tangem Note/ ID or a Tag and firmware code
  • Sign and send transactions to the blockchain

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Popular questions

What can I do with a Tangem Note?

A Tangem Note allows you to:

  • Check the validity of the Note and the assets it’s holding
  • Transfer funds to other Tangem Notes
  • Extract funds from Tangem Notes
  • Pay with the Note (with merchants currently accepting crypto)

What makes Tangem different?

A Tangem Note is a highly secure hardware cold wallet made to store any kind of digital assets on blockchain technology. With an NFC-enabled phone, you can verify your balance and extract your assets if you want to move them to another wallet.

Each Tangem Note, Tangem Tag or Tangem ID holds a secure chip that allows you to store and carry digital assets. The private key is generated by and permanently embedded into the chip.

Nobody has access to it either during or after the manufacturing process. This means that nobody can import, export or make a copy of this key.

How do I check the validity of a Tangem Note?

If you have ever used Apple or Google Pay, you know exactly how to check the value of a Tangem Note and the amount of funds it’s holding. You just need to open the Tangem app and tap the Note to the NFC scanner inside your phone.

Scanning the Note only takes a few seconds. The app will verify that the Note is genuine, ensure it possesses the correct private key, and obtain the balance from the blockchain. You can always double check your balance directly in the blockchain explorer if needed. From this point, you can rest assured that you are the only holder of the private key and the funds on the Note.

How many times can I use a Tangem Note?

Tangem Notes are fully reusable. There is no limit for transactions or for how many times you perform loading/extraction operations.

Tangem Notes are limitless. You can send as many funds to your Tangem Notes as you want (but we advise not to put more than US$500 or the equivalent for the same reason you don’t carry that much cash with you on an ordinary day).

How can I be sure that Tangem is secure?

The security of Tangem technology is audited by the Kudelski Group, a listed Swiss security company. The full report is available here.

After the audit, the chip firmware cannot be modified even by Tangem. Its intactness in each Note can be verified by an end-user right in the mobile application. The latter exists in open source together with the NFC communication protocol of the Note.

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