How to Fix Error Code 41234 in Tangem Wallet


This short guide describes how to solve error 41234 in Tangem Wallet.

What is error 41234?

This error appears when trying to add a Tangem Wallet card as a backup or create a new wallet with it. Please keep in mind this error does not affect your funds.

The root cause is what we call a linking error. Every Tangem Wallet comes in 2 or 3 card sets that share the same KTangempub. This means you can only create one wallet with the set you received. Moreover, there are two methods of setting up your Tangem Wallet:

Sometimes, users attempt to create several wallets by setting up only one card via a seed phrase and avoiding adding backups. Or they create a seedless wallet without adding a backup in the process. Subsequently, when they try to set up a wallet with another card, they get the error 41234.

This error code also appears when users attempt to add another backup card after the backup process has been finalized. 


The only solution to solving error 41234 is to reset all cards in the Tangem Wallet set to factory settings.  Before resetting the cards, please ensure that no funds are stored in any of them.