How to Scan Tangem Wallet Cards: A Simple Guide

Tangem cards are smart cards equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, allowing seamless interactions with compatible mobile devices. With a simple tap, users can create a wallet, connect to decentralized applications, and sign transactions. 

Finding the NFC module on your smartphone

Not all smartphones have NFC, although most modern devices do support this functionality. To determine if your smartphone supports NFC, you can refer to the list: 

Depending on the brand and model of your smartphone, the NFC antenna may be located in a different area on the device. You can find more information on the manufacturers' websites, which are linked below. If you have any questions about NFC technology, please get in touch with your phone's manufacturer.


How to Scan Tangem Wallet Cards with samsung.png

Check out Samsung's website to locate your NFC detection area:


You can find the NFC antenna on your iPhone by checking the user guides available at

Remember that iOS 13.0 or later is required to use the NFC antenna. Tangem cards are compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max and later models.


iPhone NFC readers are found on the front of the devices. Place the Tangem card close to the top of the screen.


Visit the support page and download the start guide for your device model to find the location of the NFC antenna.

NFC antenna location huawei mate series.png
NFC reader location Huawei.png
NFC reader location Huawei P series.png


Sony Xperia
Use the following link if you have a Sony Xperia device: and access the user guide for your device to find where the NFC antenna is located. 


sony xperia nfc location.png

To turn on NFC, find and tap Settings > Device connection > Connection preferences. Tap the NFC switch to enable or disable the feature.

Google Pixel
To locate the NFC detection area on your Google Pixel, click the link below for sketches showing the module location.


Choose your model on Motorola's website to check the product specifications, as the location of the NFC antenna may vary.

Visit to select your smartphone model and find the NFC position diagram in the specifications.

To locate the NFC antenna of your HTC smartphone, visit, choose your model, and find the valid NFC information.


Like with most Android phones, you have to activate the NFC in Honor smartphones manually. Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks and Click the NFC switch to activate it. The Android Beam function will also automatically turn on.


nfc reader location for honor phones .png

For precise instructions on locating the NFC module on your device, please refer to the manual at


How to scan Tangem cards

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to scan Tangem cards:

Step 1: Prepare your mobile device

Ensure your mobile device is NFC-enabled and has the necessary software to read NFC tags. Most modern smartphones support NFC functionality; you may need to enable it in your device settings if it's not already activated.

Step 2: Locate the NFC module

Identify the NFC module on your mobile device. In many smartphones, the NFC module is located near the top or rear of the device. Refer to your device's user manual or search online for specific instructions on locating the NFC module.

Step 3: Position the Tangem card

Hold the Tangem card close to the NFC module on your mobile device. The optimal distance for scanning is typically within a few centimeters. Ensure no obstacles exist between the card and the phone's NFC module for a smooth scanning process.

Step 4: Tap to scan

Gently tap the card against the back of your mobile device. Maintain contact between the Tangem card and your mobile device until the scanning process is complete. You may hear a confirmation sound or see a visual indicator on your device upon successful scanning.


  • Please remember that using a smartphone case might make it hard to connect via NFC. We recommend removing the phone's case before scanning your Tangem cards. 
  • The distance required to establish a connection can vary between different mobile phones. 
  • Keeping your devices stable while uploading is essential to avoid losing connection. 
  • If you have any NFC-related queries, please reach out to the manufacturer. 
  • To use NFC, your phone's display must not be locked, and you might need to enable NFC in the smartphone's settings.

Securely store the Tangem card

Once you have completed the NFC scan, securely store the Tangem card in a safe location. Treat it as you would any other valuable item.

You can efficiently scan Tangem cards with your mobile device by following simple steps. Whether managing cryptocurrency assets, changing card settings, or connecting to dApps, Tangem Wallet offers a user-friendly solution with just a tap.