Fund transfers

  • What is the commission for transferring funds?

    Tangem doesn’t charge any fees when transferring funds. Only the network commission will need to be paid.

  • What does the «Insufficient commission on your wallet to send a transaction» window mean?

    The commission is always paid in native coins of the network. For example, in the case of tokens on BEP20, the fee is charged in BNB. In such situation, it is necessary to check the availability of the native currency balance to pay the commission.

  • What does the «Blockchain is unreachable» window mean? What should I do?

    Sometimes, the response from the blockchain API goes much longer than the standard time and needs to wait. Sometimes a bad internet signal also can affect the loading of wallet balances. We advise you:

    1. if you use Wi-Fi, try to disconnect from it or use another one.

    2. try to use VPN. If you are already using VPN, try to turn it off.

    3. try to reinstall Tangem app and after that check if the problem with the balance display persists.

  • The balance in Tangem Wallet has not updated after sending the funds. What should I do?

    You can find tokens previously sent to an address from another network. Here is the instruction how to do it.

  • How to create a custom token in Tangem Wallet?

    You can create custom tokens by the smart contract address on networks supported by application. In order to do this please follow «Manage tokens» - icon “+” in the upper right corner. Please follow the step-by-step instruction at the link.

  • Where can I see a list of all completed transactions?

    In order to familiarize with the list of all transactions you need to follow wallet overview and click «Explore address» in app.

  • What is the difference between «legacy» and «default» addresses?

    There are 2 types of wallet addresses: Segwit and Legacy. Segwit in Tangem app is displayed as «default», Legacy - as «Legacy». Using Segwit address reduces fee for about 30-40% and the transaction processing speed is faster than Legacy. We have to support legacy address, because some exchanges don’t support Segwit. You can transfer funds using any of these addresses.

  • Is there a network fee when I transfer from one Tangem wallet to another Tangem wallet?

    Tangem doesn’t charge a fee when transferring funds, but a network fee needs to be paid.

  • What does «Account not created» mean in Ripple/Stellar wallet?

    In Ripple and Stellar blockachains, there is the concept of an account. To open an account in Ripple, it is enough to deposit at least 10 XRP, in Stellar - 1 XLM. When you open an account, these funds are reserved and remain unavailable for withdrawal. For example, you deposit 30 XRP to a Ripple address. 10 XRP will be reserved for creating an account, the balance will show 20 XRP, which can already be spent.

  • What do I need to enter in the ‘MEMO’ field when transferring from the exchange to Tangem Wallet?

    MEMO - a comment for payment. This field is optional.

  • What does the «Insufficient_Output_Amount» error mean when transferring via Pancakeswap?

    This error may occur due to the high volatility of the token you are exchanging your token for. You need to increase the slippage tolerance parameter in the exchange settings for Pancakeswap or wait until the rate calms down.