How to Get your Wallet Address

A wallet address is a unique identifier used in cryptocurrency transactions. It represents the destination or source of funds within a blockchain network. For example, in Bitcoin, a wallet address is a string of alphanumeric characters, like a long code, enabling the secure transfer of BTC between users. Every blockchain has a unique wallet address structure and a unique blockchain address. 

How to see the wallet address in Tangem

Here's how to see the wallet address in Tangem:

  1. Log into your Tangem wallet app and tap on the cryptocurrency that you want to receive — for example, USDT on the TRON network (TRC20). 

    If the token you need is not on your home screen, add it by clicking Manage tokens (read more about adding cryptocurrency to the Tangem Wallet app here).

2. On the token page, tap Receive

3. Tap Copy or Share to forward the wallet address that appears.

How to use your wallet address

The primary use case is to receive funds from another wallet or yourself in a different wallet. When using Tangem, you can use your wallet address to deposit funds from another wallet or exchange.

FAQ: wallet address

Are wallet addresses always the same?

In Tangem, your wallet address remains the same over time. For example, your Ethereum wallet address is the same for all of your ERC20 tokens and belongs to the same account. This is why you'll see the same wallet address for those tokens.

What is a crypto wallet address? 
A crypto wallet address is a unique string of characters used to receive or send cryptocurrency. 

How is a crypto wallet address generated? 

Wallet addresses are generated through cryptographic algorithms. For example, in Bitcoin, addresses are derived from a user's public key using the SHA-256 algorithm.

Can I share my crypto wallet address with anyone? 
Yes, you can share your wallet address for transactions. However, be cautious and ensure the platform or person is trustworthy.

Are all wallet addresses in the same format? 
No, different cryptocurrencies have distinct address formats. For instance, Bitcoin addresses start with "1" or "3," while Ethereum addresses begin with "0x." Learn more about bitcoin addresses here: 

What happens if I send funds to the wrong address? 
Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. Double-check the recipient's address before sending funds to prevent losses.

Can I have multiple wallet addresses for the same cryptocurrency? No, Tangem Wallet doesn't allow you to generate multiple addresses for the same wallet.

Can I customize my crypto wallet address? 
No, crypto addresses are generated based on cryptographic principles and cannot be customized. Attempting to modify them may result in loss of funds.

How do I check my wallet address's transaction history?
Use a blockchain explorer specific to your cryptocurrency to view the transaction history associated with your wallet address.

Is my wallet address and private key the same? 
No, they are different. The wallet address is public and used for transactions, while the private key should be kept confidential as it provides access to your funds.

What happens to my wallet addresses if I reset my Tangem Wallet?
When you reset your Tangem Wallet, you will lose access to all your old wallet addresses and any funds in them. You won't be able to recover access to those addresses even if you create a new wallet account using the same Tangem cards.