New Year with Tangem: Our 2024 Roadmap

In the first quarter of 2024 — January to April — we're gearing up for an exciting journey filled with new updates. This roadmap includes major events to improve user experience and expand Tangem's visibility worldwide. We plan to roll out app updates and new products and strengthen partnerships to broaden our reach. So, what exactly is in store for Tangem Wallet users?

Tangem Express

We're set to introduce Tangem Express, a token exchange tool for Tangem Wallet users. This feature enables profitable swapping of all supported tokens. Tangem Express leverages the capabilities of prominent crypto exchange providers like 1inch and ChangeNow, allowing users to swap tokens securely and directly from their cold wallet using the most favorable rates.

Our primary focus is to deliver an unparalleled user experience, surpassing that of other hardware wallets and online platforms. Tangem Express aims to provide a convenient and efficient solution for users to manage and exchange tokens easily.


New app features and updates incoming

We're expanding transaction history support to include blockchain networks like TRON in Tangem Wallet. Currently, transaction history is available for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Market data is on its way to the Tangem app, offering users a comprehensive view of the crypto market. Live price charts and market data will be at your fingertips, making it easier to stay informed.

An upcoming update will allow the Tangem app to prove that Riscure audited your Tangem card's firmware. This trendsetting feature is the first of its kind in the hardware wallet space. We're also hinting at getting a third audit; stay tuned.

Tangem users can expect new designs for the "Manage tokens" and "Send" pages. We'll provide more details for each token and "send" transaction while making your customer journey smoother.

New Blockchain networks coming to Tangem Wallet

The Winter Blockchain Marathon is in full swing, running until April 2024. Exciting updates are on the horizon! 

  • January Vechain and XDC networks 
  • February Algorand, Hedera, and Aptos. 
  • March — Nexa, Koinos, and Dynex.
Winter blockchain marathon Tangem.png

The Tangem community widely requested these networks, and we're hoping for a hitch-free integration, which is usually not the case with all networks. 

Learn more about how Tangem integrates a token or blockchain network

Tangem Ring

The Tangem Ring is the most exciting product we've revealed so far. Functioning as a classy piece of jewelry and a reliable cold wallet device, this crypto ring shares the same features as the Tangem card, including an NFC antenna and the CC EAL6+ Tangem chip.

The Tangem ring has already begun testing, and full production is expected soon. We will send some rings out to some media personalities and prepare an amazing marketing campaign — Tangem users can look forward to that. Sales of the Tangem ring will begin in April 2024, but its final price is still unknown.

Upcoming events — WOW Summit

The WOW Summit is returning to Hong Kong in 2024 with a new concept and fresh ideas, and Tangem will be there.

Situated strategically in the APAC region, Hong Kong is witnessing a remarkable surge in Web3 space. New guidelines and regulations in the virtual assets space, announced by the HK Government, are boosting the interest of Web3 industry players. 

Our amazing Tangem team will be there with new Tangem Wallets, co-branded wallets, merchandise, and, of course, the Tangem Rings. Join us at our booth and get a unique opportunity to see how everything works and hear our plans for Q2 2024. You might also be able to win something big! See you in Hong Kong.

Expanding local communities 

In 2023, we grew our English Telegram channels and launched a dedicated German Telegram chat. We plan to expand support for our German community by adding moderators, creating dedicated content on our website and social media pages, and improving customer support. We will also launch French, Turkish, and Chinese community pages.

Improving logistics & production

Tangem plans to improve logistics, production, and system efficiency drastically. We will expand our footprint with new fulfillment and manufacturing centers in France, the USA, the UAE, and Indonesia. This way, delivery times would be considerably reduced, and our customers would be happier with their shopping experience. We will also open a new office in Lisbon, Portugal.


Thank you for your continuous support in 2023! We are immensely grateful for your positive reviews, feedback, and shared journey. This year has been good, and we're optimistic that the coming year will be even better.

Happy New Year from all of us at Tangem!