Tangem's Mission: Elevating Crypto Adoption through Trust, Security, Reliability, Simplicity, and Privacy

Tangem has positioned itself as a leader with a mission to bring digital assets to everyone, irrespective of age, location, or status. Anchored by five core principles – trust, security, reliability, simplicity, and privacy – we are redefining the user experience in managing digital assets. In this article, we explain what each principle means to us and how they integrate into our overall mission.


Trust forms the bedrock of Tangem's mission, realizing its key role in shaping user confidence in cryptocurrency.

While blockchain technology strives to eliminate the need for trust in a centralized authority, it introduces a different form of trust – trust in the technology itself. 

Participants in the crypto ecosystem must trust that the underlying blockchain protocols, consensus mechanisms, and cryptographic algorithms are secure and function as intended.

Achieving widespread adoption requires trust from the general public. In this context, trust shifts from reliance on a central authority to confidence in the robustness and integrity of the decentralized system.

Tangem's commitment to trust is evident in our dedication to transparency. Our mobile app's source code is open-source, renowned security labs have independently audited the wallet's firmware, and we're always open to sharing information on how Tangem Wallet works.

By fostering an environment of trust, Tangem aspires to build enduring relationships with its user base, establishing our wallets as a reliable choice for those who want to secure their digital wealth.


Being secure implies a state of being free from fear, danger, or threat, fostering a sense of stability, confidence, and well-being.

Security is a non-negotiable aspect of our mission. Tangem uses a multi-faceted security approach, combining advanced CC EAL6+ certified security chips with well-engineered hardware devices and a solid mobile app.

This combination creates an impregnable shield against unauthorized access to our users' digital assets. 

With anti-counterfeit protection features, inextricable private keys, an intelligent backup system, and multi-factor authentication, the Tangem Wallet is the most secure cryptocurrency management tool available. Security in Tangem extends beyond mere features; it represents a holistic approach to ensuring that our users have peace of mind and are confident when using the wallet.


Reliability is a key tenet of Tangem's mission, reflecting our dedication to providing a consistent and dependable user experience everywhere and every time. A reliable hardware wallet consistently performs its intended functions accurately, dependably, and resiliently. It should consistently perform essential tasks without unexpected errors or interruptions. It must be designed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring it remains operational over an extended period. 

A reliable wallet device must be resistant to physical tampering and have quality materials that contribute to the device's overall durability.

All of Tangem's products deliver on these fronts.

Tangem Wallet cards are IP68+ certified, ensuring maximum resistance to dust and water. The Tangem chip is developed in cooperation with Samsung Semiconductors, Inc. — a producer of reliable chips for various industries, from weapons manufacturing to medical technology.

The Tangem Wallet is fully functional between -25 °C and +50°C. It is also protected against electromagnetic pulses, electrostatic discharge, and X-rays in compliance with ISO 7816-1 standard. We see reliability as a goal and an intrinsic aspect of the user journey.


Recognizing the inherent complexity of blockchain technology and modern cold storage solutions, Tangem strives to break down barriers by designing intuitive and user-friendly devices. 

We've incorporated NFC technology to allow seamless and secure communication between the hardware wallet device and the mobile app. This simplicity of interaction is a deliberate choice that caters to both novice and experienced users.

Tangem Wallet's lack of wires or batteries enhances its portability. Users can carry the wallet easily and manage their digital assets on the go. There's also no need to worry about connecting to external power sources or dealing with cumbersome wires. 

This aligns with the growing awareness of environmental concerns, offering users a solution that minimizes electronic waste and reduces the ecological footprint associated with disposable batteries and cables.

Tangem Wallet's 3-minute activation enhances the user experience, allowing quick and efficient digital asset access without delays or setup complications.

Tangem's commitment to simplicity facilitates ease of use and positions it as a bridge for individuals entering the Web3 world.


Respecting user privacy is a foundational element of Tangem's mission. In an era where data breaches and privacy concerns are prevalent, we've taken a principled stance on protecting the confidentiality of user information. 

When using the Tangem Wallet for transactions, no Tangem servers are involved. All crypto operations go directly to public blockchain nodes or API services.

We don't gather user data, for example, IPs, addresses, balances, transactions, etc. What users do in the Tangem Wallet stays in the wallet.

No KYC services. We uphold user privacy by not requiring the submission of personal information. This aligns with the principle of maintaining financial privacy, allowing users to transact and manage their assets without the risk of their sensitive information being exposed. 

Users are also less exposed to the risk of identity theft or the unauthorized use of their data.

No KYC services empower users with greater control over their financial activities. Users can engage in transactions without needing approval or oversight from external entities.

Tangem Wallets are accessible to people worldwide. Users from regions with strict regulatory environments or limited access to traditional financial services can still participate in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem without facing hurdles posed by KYC requirements.


Tangem's mission encapsulates a vision for the future of cryptocurrency, one that revolves around the pillars of trust, security, reliability, simplicity, and privacy. As we keep innovating and evolving, these principles will guide us in a dynamic and competitive industry. A future where users can confidently and easily navigate the complexities of the decentralized financial landscape is not just a mission; it's a promise.