Mi Casa Es Su Casa: Why You Should Participate in Our Community

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Without a community, no blockchain-based project can be successful. Any Web3 startup's growth, awareness, adoption, and engagement depend significantly on its community members. Communities are also a good source of finding developers, influencers, potential team members, and investors to join your project.

Let's discuss the importance of communities in Web3 space, how to participate, and what you stand to gain from being an active community member.

Web3 communities and the network effect

Communities function so well because many users can exchange ideas, learn more about the project, and interact with the founders. This networking effect — found primarily in Web3 — occurs when a product or service becomes more valuable as more people use it. 

For example, as Tangem Wallet gains more users, it requires more tools, features, and ambassadors. This growth draws skilled developers to the project, who help create new functionalities, quickly integrate new networks, and add more user-requested features.

The better Tangem's products become, the more users it gets and the larger its community. It becomes an endless loop of community growth and product growth until every last individual on earth has heard about the project. We like to think of it as a chain reaction leading to a big bang — becoming as big as Apple or Microsoft.

This big bang might be theoretical, but we all witnessed a practical example of a community of people on the internet taking memes from jokes to value.

Apes together strong?

One example of what we think is a modern community — where a group of people gather online to support one cause and goal to the extent of creating its lingo — was the WallStreetBets subreddit.

The Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets first appeared in 2012 and later experienced a meteoric rise in popularity in 2021, serving as the public face of the remarkable surge of heavily shorted companies such as Gamestop and AMC Entertainment. The forum has over 8 million members, with hundreds of thousands active on the page at any time.

While public opinion is divided on the true impact of the WallStreetBets forum, we can't deny that its community grew the sub from a backwater Reddit page to an international sensation in a short period purely by being active and focused.

So how can a budding Web3 project — our Tangem Wallet — grow just as fast and become as sensational? The answer is your active participation in our chats and social media pages. A lot is happening in Tangem, and we want you to join the conversation in our community.

The Tangem community

What is the Tangem community about? What goes on in it, and how has it fared so far?

The Tangem Wallet community is a group of users, enthusiasts, developers, and other stakeholders who use and engage with Tangem Wallet and are interested in the features, updates, and discussions related to Tangem.

Practically, our community is made up of three types of individuals:

  • Tangem Wallet users. Our users, including you, make up the bulk of our community. They are non-custodial, cold wallet users who understand the value of being in control at all times and have the gift of making the right choices in life. Yes, if you're using Tangem, chances are you're great at making the right decisions.
  • Tangem team. The Tangem team, including this article's author, are some of the most active members of the Tangem community. We like the stock wallet. Rest assured that we're working hard every day — weekends too — to improve it and get more people to use the most secure cold wallet yet.
  • General Web3 enthusiasts. The last type of Tangem community members are other Web3 netizens who drop by from time to time to partner with Tangem. Some cheer us on and promise to get a Tangem Wallet when we finally include a random user-requested feature. We also have some detractors in this group who are active community members but are more interested in spreading FUD.
    And, of course, scammers — every web3 community has lots of malicious actors looking to make a quick buck.

We hope that the Tangem community grows to accommodate more types of users, especially those new to crypto and hardware wallet technology.

What goes on in the Tangem community?

The Tangem community is relatively new, and we're still in the early stages of formation. Let's go over some common themes:

New product announcements

We announce new products like co-branded wallets, app updates, new blockchain networks, and more news surrounding product development. Everyone loves to see growth, so these announcements often generate positive feedback from active members.

Events, AMAs, Spaces, Giveaways

Tangem team members often host AMAs to shed more light on the Tangem Wallet, our goals as a company, and what we've planned for the future. These AMAs often happen when we're about to integrate a new network into the Tangem Wallet.


While we don't recommend sharing your issues publicly, our support team often interacts with and helps community members solve their problems. You can find answers to many questions in our chats and channels. As our community grows, it attracts more Tangem experts who can quickly answer your questions.

Discussions on industry trends and key issues

Tangem community members can discuss industry trends and key issues in our chats. For example, there was an extensive discussion about the impact of seed phrase technology in blockchain security, examining its current challenges.  We also host regular AMAs where experts provide a more in-depth analysis of emerging trends, allowing community members to understand better.

How has the Tangem community grown?

We've been growing exponentially every year. In 2023, we crossed the 100,000 community members benchmark. We're proud of this achievement and grateful to everyone who joined us.

Someday, we will narrate how Tangem or the idea of Tangem Wallet was born — was it one man's idea? Or a couple of guys brainstorming the solution to simplifying cold storage? We will let you know when this story appears on paper.

On our road to 1 million community members, we have a lot of ground to cover, and we need your help.

How to participate and contribute to the Tangem community

Here are some tips on how to actively engage and add value:

1. Understand what Tangem is about

Before diving into our chats, take the time to learn about the fundamentals of Web3, crypto, and Tangem hardware wallets. We'd also like you to learn more about the crypto security problem.

2. Contribute to discussions

Share your insights, thoughts, and expertise in community discussions. You can engage in debates, provide constructive feedback, and contribute to the overall knowledge base.

We always encourage users to create memes about Tangem. If you're a skilled writer and want to volunteer for the Tangem blog, send us an article on a web3 topic you're passionate about. If we love it, we'll publish it. Being an active participant helps build a sense of community and encourages collaboration.

3. Attend community events

Don't be shy about participating in virtual or physical events we organize. This could include AMAs, conferences, meetups, workshops, or hackathons. These events provide opportunities to network with other community members and stay updated on the latest developments.

4. Offer support

As an experienced Tangem Wallet user, you can help newcomers by offering support and mentorship. Please share your knowledge, guide others through onboarding, and contribute to our positive and inclusive community culture.

5. Promote our community

Spread the word about Tangem on social media, blogs, or other platforms. We encourage sharing your positive experiences, highlighting community achievements, and contributing to our visibility in the broader Web3 ecosystem.

"Mi Casa Es Su Casa" — my house is your house

This sentiment underscores the value of active participation and cooperation within our community. By being an integral part of our communal space, you can gain the following:

  • Forge meaningful connections
    Get unique opportunities to connect with like-minded people who share common interests, goals, or passions.
  • Contribute to our collective growth
    Your participation adds a unique perspective to our pool of knowledge. By commenting and liking our posts, you contribute to our growth and help build a space where everyone has something valuable to offer.
  • Stay informed
    Your active involvement will keep you informed about the latest developments, discussions, and opportunities within Tangem.
  • Celebrate achievements together
    The joy of success is multiplied when shared. Our community celebrates collective achievements, creating a sense of fellowship — not of the Tangem rings — and shared accomplishment that motivates everyone to reach new heights.


Join Tangem and help us build a community where everyone feels at home.

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