Women in Web3 and How They Are Shaping the Future

women in web3

Just like NASA's big achievements in the 1950s and 1960s wouldn't have happened without amazing women like Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary W. Jackson, Web3 is thriving thanks to women playing a huge role in its early days. 

However, women are still not as ordinary in blockchain and crypto jobs as men are. They don't have as many leadership or creative roles, and this gap is a sign of the challenges women face in this industry.

Recent numbers show that women are only a small part of the crypto space workforce. According to Forex Suggest data, only 6% of CEOs in the crypto space are women. This figure is astonishingly low for an industry that promises inclusion, regardless of race, gender, location, and other factors. 

It also underscores a significant imbalance in the composition of the cryptocurrency industry. This trend could have detrimental effects on the sector over time. Despite male dominance within the industry, certain companies have a higher representation of women in key leadership roles. 

Women trailblazers transforming the Web3 ecosystem

Web3 world is complex, but among all the complex networks and digital places, some women stand out because they're not just taking part but actively shaping this space's future. With their amazing contributions and never-give-up attitude, these pioneers are challenging the usual way things are done and making it easier for more women to follow their lead.

Nicole Muniz: Steering Yuga Labs to New Heights

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Nicole Muniz, CEO of Yuga Labs, is a force to be reckoned with in the Web3 domain. Under her leadership, Yuga Labs has made a name for itself in the world of NFTs as the creative powerhouse behind the wildly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club. Muniz's visionary approach extends far beyond digital art. She is establishing a thriving community where creativity and blockchain technology intersect to unlock incredible value and limitless opportunities.

Elizabeth Stark: Lighting the path with Lightning Labs

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Elizabeth Stark, the co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, is changing the game for Bitcoin transactions. She's been named one of the "10 Most Influential People in Blockchain" and recognized as a "Blockchain Trailblazer." Through Lightning Labs, Stark is tackling the challenges of making Bitcoin transactions secure and fast. Her work is key in making cryptocurrency a practical way to pay for everyday things.

Deborah Ojengbede: Igniting Africa's Blockchain Revolution with AFEN

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Deborah Ojengbede, CEO of AFEN Blockchain Group, is a trailblazer in blockchain technology in Africa, leveraging her extensive banking background to lead the way. Her passion for cryptocurrency ignited her interest in exploring the transformative potential of blockchain for establishing decentralized and transparent systems. AFEN has flourished under her guidance, emerging as a prominent Web3 enterprise that established a platform for African creatives and BloomOne Academy as a leading Web3 education institution. Her initiatives have broadened the scope of blockchain technology, and her dedication has inspired a community committed to advancing blockchain's adoption throughout the continent.

Caitlin Long: Bridging Traditional Finance and Crypto with Custodia Bank

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Caitlin Long is a visionary leader who's single-handedly bridging the gap between traditional finance and the new world of crypto. As the founder and CEO of Custodia Bank, Long is taking on the banking industry by offering innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of the crypto and blockchain sectors. Her remarkable work paves the way for a more interconnected financial ecosystem, fostering trust and understanding between two vastly different worlds.

He Yi

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He Yi is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. She became the head of Binance Labs in 2022. Yi used to be the marketing director at another cryptocurrency exchange, OKCoin. She's been recognized for her work in the blockchain field, and in 2019, she was on Forbes' list of Asia's 30 Under 30. In addition to her work at Binance, He Yi started Binance Charity. This nonprofit group uses blockchain technology to support charity causes worldwide.


Ariana Waller 

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An accomplished full-stack software engineer with a focus on blockchain technology, she has been  leading the charge in developing innovative solutions. Ariana's most notable achievement is co-founding Mueshi, a US-based startup that's an e-commerce platform for buying and selling fine art NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Additionally, she runs a highly successful global podcast — Women In TECH — where she and other members discuss how technology can empower women worldwide through decentralization initiatives. It's clear that Ariana is a trailblazer in her field, and her contributions to the tech industry are truly remarkable.


The Ripple Effect: women-led projects in Web3

The digital world of Web3 is seeing an amazing transformation thanks to women's leadership. These pioneers are not just participants but are at the forefront of creating influential projects. Their work reshapes technology, builds communities, and encourages others to embrace the Web3 revolution.

  • Elise Swopes: A digital artist and influencer, has been active in the NFT space since 2020. She advocates for women and people of color to engage in Web3, offering education through social media and the Sunrise Art Club. Beyond gender equality, she co-founded Night On The Yard, an NFT marketplace helping incarcerated artists.
  • Li Jin: A founding member of BFF and co-founder of Variant Fund, Jin invests in the ownership economy of Web3. Her insights have inspired many in the field. Variant Fund, born from a merger with Jin's Atelier Ventures, focuses on user-operated software, believing in a decentralized future.
  • Hug: This inclusive platform for Web3 artists and collectors was founded by BFF's Randi Zuckerberg and Debbie Soon. Hug provides tools, education, and community support, aiming to create a diverse and inclusive Web3 ecosystem, dubbed the "inclusiverse."
  • Mika Tajima: A multidisciplinary artist, Tajima has ventured into Web3 with her NFT artwork. Her recent project with Pace Gallery's Pace Verso explores collective emotions through a sentiment analysis algorithm, reflecting her innovative approach to digital art.
  • Rhi Madeline: Transitioning from traditional oil painting to 3D art, Madeline focuses on themes of light, nature, and spiritual interconnection. Her work has been showcased in Paris Hilton's curated NFT exhibition, "Empowered Women, Empower Women."
  • Maliha Abidi: As a Pakistani-American artist and author, Abidi is a founding member of BFF and creator of Women Rise. This Web3 initiative and NFT collection advocate for women's rights and education, using art as a tool for change.
  • Alice Delahunt: The founder of digital fashion platform Syky and former executive at Ralph Lauren and Burberry, Delahunt is bridging traditional fashion with Web3. With a recent $9.5M funding for Syky, she is poised to revolutionize digital fashion design.

These women are not just shaping the future of Web3; they are inspiring a new generation to explore and innovate in this exciting digital frontier. Their contributions highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion in technology, paving the way for a more equitable and dynamic Web3 ecosystem.

Women Navigating Success in Web3

The involvement of women in Web3 is not just a good thing; it's essential for creating innovative, user-friendly technologies. Women bring different views to the table, playing a key role in making solutions that work for more people. This is not just about having more women around; it's about making a future where technology is as diverse as the people using it. Through things like educational platforms and pushing for more diversity, women are building the foundation for a more inclusive and empowering tech world.

Embrace Continuous Learning

The journey into Web3 is a path of constant learning. This world keeps changing, with new things happening all the time. If you want to do well, you need to keep learning. Use online courses and webinars to stay ahead. Talking to others in Web3 forums can also teach you a lot. Learning in Web3 is like sailing a boat on a fast-moving river — it's always exciting.

Build Your Network

In Web3, community is everything. It's not just about meeting people; it's about finding your group. Go to gatherings and join groups; the Web3 community is friendly and full of knowledge. Don't be shy about talking to people you look up to; their story might help you.

The Power of Mentorship

A mentor in Web3 can be your lighthouse, guiding you through the fog of uncertainty. A mentor gives you wisdom and experience. Look for mentors who share your goals. You can find them in groups, at gatherings, or by reaching out directly. Whether it's through official programs or just talking, every piece of advice can help you achieve more.

Forge Ahead with Innovation: What Next for Women in Web3?

The future of Web3 looks bright, with the chance to change not just money and art but how we use the digital world. This is a great chance for women to lead in shaping this new era. The way forward is to keep pushing, ensuring sure's future of Web3 includes everyone.

Women in Web3 are not just joining in but coming up with new ideas and solutions. This spirit of creating new things will drive the future, making sure Web3 technology is easy to use, fair, and makes a big impact.

For Web3 to really include everyone, everyone needs to work together. Groups, developers, and policymakers need to support efforts to make blockchain more diverse. This means putting money into education, helping women-led projects, and making a place where everyone can do well. Support teaching programs that help more women join Web3. Put money into women-led projects and create an environment that welcomes everyone.

Women's journey in Web3 is marked by big wins and ongoing challenges. But with each step, the path becomes clearer for today's leaders and everyone following. Looking to the future, it's clear: the success of Web3 depends on how inclusive it is, and women have a big role in shaping this digital world.

"Every click, code, and conversation in Web3 is a step toward building a digital world where everyone belongs. Your journey is important." – Here's to making every step count!