Why the Tangem Wallet App has no Push Notifications

Users often ask us: Why don't I get notifications when receiving funds in my Tangem Wallet? Why am I not notified when my swap transaction is complete? Is the notification feature broken in the Tangem app? How do I set up notifications for portfolio changes in Tangem Wallet?

The answer to these questions is that the Tangem app does not send notifications because it doesn't collect user data.

Tangem's decision not to send notifications is rooted in our dedication to user privacy and data security. Unlike many similar apps that may send notifications for such purposes, we have a privacy-centric approach by refraining from collecting unnecessary user data. Here are the key reasons behind this decision.

Data minimization:

By avoiding collecting user data, including personal information and transaction details, Tangem reduces the risk of potential privacy breaches and unauthorized access.

User anonymity:

Tangem Wallet upholds user anonymity by refraining from collecting identifiable data that could be used to track or link transactions to specific individuals, aligning with crypto's principles of user privacy and pseudonymity.

Enhanced security:

It also mitigates potential security risks associated with transmitting sensitive information by not sending notifications. The absence of data exchange for notification purposes creates a more secure user environment.

Focus on core functionality:

Tangem Wallet focuses on its core functionality—providing a secure, user-friendly environment for managing cryptocurrencies. 

We do not send notifications because we value your privacy and security. By avoiding data collection, we provide a trustworthy and secure platform for users to safeguard and use their cryptocurrencies.

Tangem sends email notifications for Tangem Wallet order confirmation and tracking to customers.