Tangem Crypto wallet: the best gift in 2023

Are you sick of giving your loved ones perfume, elite alcohol, ties, socks and other nonsense? Even worse, if your relatives are tired of receiving such gifts.

Tangem Crypto Wallet is an original, stylish and practical gift that can surprise your colleagues and friends. It shows your feelings and respect. It will be a real surprise. Tangem is an innovative and technological gift that will be a perfect present for a business partner.

Tangem Wallet is a great gift for anyone who wants to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies, store their savings safely and manage them conveniently.

It is perfect for everyone who keeps up with modern trends, wants to store their savings safely, and searches for new options for passive income, unveils the world of cryptocurrencies, or for those who are already exploring it.

Digital assets are a new economic reality. There are no borders for cryptocurrencies, central banks don’t control their emission, no one can restrict, stop, delay or cancel crypto transactions. Crypto is the money of the future.For secure storing and managing crypto assets, you need a crypto wallet. Such as Tangem Wallet. And you can introduce it to your friends and family.

How to use Tangem Wallet

First of all, Tangem Crypto Wallet keeps your assets safe, it is anonymous and inaccessible to third parties. Your savings converted into cryptocurrency can be stored in the wallet until you need them. You can exchange them back to fiat in local currency in every civilized corner of the earth.

Also, you can always:

  • Transfer funds from your wallet to another crypto wallet. For example, you can send money to your relatives in another country or pay for any services to those organizations that accept crypto.
  • Receive funds to your wallet from your relatives or accept payment for your services from third parties.
  • Safely transfer a large amount of money from one place in the world to another, for a major transaction such as buying real estate or investing in a business.
  • Invest in stablecoins, rather than dollars as stablecoins are their digital counterpart.
  • Invest and earn on staking, trading, farming. Mint, buy and sell NFTs on NFT platforms and use different DeFi income tools.
  • Withdraw mining revenue. Just set up the withdrawal of your coins directly to your wallet, and you can keep your assets in one convenient and safe place.

What is Tangem Wallet and how it works

Tangem Wallet is the safest, most convenient and easy-to-use multi-currency wallet. It is a great gift not only for experienced crypto users, but also for newcomers who strive to explore the world of cryptocurrencies.

Tangem Wallet is not a complicated device with buttons and wires for advanced crypto users, which requires a long set up. Not at all. Tangem has a very convenient credit card format, which contains a super secure cryptographic chip from Samsung. Think of it as gifting a supercomputer hidden in an ordinary card that will open the door to the world of cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, it is an innovative device, on the other hand, it can be set up in a couple of minutes, it is easy to use and very convenient to store. It comes in an affordable price which is more or less equal to the price of cliched bottles of cognac and chocolate, or perfume.

The wallet supports 6000+ coins and tokens and is compatible with DeFi via WalletConnect protocol.

To manage crypto assets with Tangem Wallet you do not need a battery, wires, connectors, or a computer. All you need is a Tangem card, a smartphone with NFC support and Tangem app on the phone.

It is extremely convenient.

Tangem Wallet comes in a pack of two or three identical cards. One card is used as the primary card and the other two are for reserve, in case the first card is lost or stolen. 

It is extremely secure.

It is really easy to use Tangem. To activate your Tangem:

  1. Install the Tangem App on your phone (available for iOS or Android).
  2. Tap the Tangem card to the smartphone.
  3. Activate the wallet by following the detailed instructions in the app.

It is extremely easy.

The main advantages of Tangem Wallet

  • It looks like a regular credit card with a powerful cryptographic chip embedded in it: a Secure Element by Samsung, which generates and then stores a private key upon a wallet activation. Only the chip knows the key, which ensures the highest level of security.
  • It functions without any batteries, wires, and connectors. All you need to interact with Tangem is a smartphone with NFC antenna to power the card, and the installed Tangem app to be an interface of the wallet. And the credit card format is very handy. You can keep it in your wallet and carry it around to use anytime, anywhere.
  • The wallet does not need a battery, wires, connectors, or a computer, just a phone with an NFC antenna to power the card, and the Tangem App to be an interface of the wallet. Credit card format is very convenient. We can keep it in our wallet and carry it around to use anytime, anywhere.
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface of the Tangem App for crypto beginners and for experienced crypto users.
  • No seed phrase, the wallet comes in sets of two or three cards, one for crypto asset management, another one or two for private key backup.
  • Tangem chip has been assigned Common Criteria EAL6+ certification level: the same level of chip protection used in diplomatic passports.
  • IP68 level of protection. This means that the card can operate stably at temperatures from -25 to +50 °C. It is water and dust resistant.
  • The lifetime of the chip is 25 years.

Where you can buy Tangem Wallet

Swiss Tangem AG sells its cold crypto wallets in more than 170 countries around the world.
You can order Tangem Wallet with delivery on the official website tangem.com. Now Tangem has a New Year promo, and you can buy Tangem Wallet as a gift at a special price:

  • 2 cards/$49;
  • 3 cards/$63.

As a gift, both a pack of two or three cards will do. Choose according to your budget. But, keep in mind that three cards are a safer option, as there are two backups of the key. If something happens to one card, there are two more: one for crypto asset management, the second is a backup. If the set originally consisted of two cards, then if one of them is stolen or lost, only one backup will remain and if something happens to it, the cryptocurrency will be lost.
Be original! Choose a stylish, original and practical Tangem Wallet suitable for crypto beginners and experienced users.