Tangem AMA | 2023 Recap & 2024 Roadmap Part I

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This is the first part of a special edition of the Tangem Community AMA. Our goal is to engage with the audience, bring the community together, share updates, involve them in the development process, and provide insights into what Tangem is working on. Ana introduced the session and emphasized its interactive nature. The session covers different topics, starting with a recap of the past year's growth and a glimpse into the plans for 2024.


Darya (CCO)

My name is Darya. I'm the chief commercial officer here at Tangem, overseeing sales and marketing teams. I joined Tangem last year in April, which was a significant shift for me into a new industry. I've been active in the Web3 world for many years, but Tangem is my first official role in web3. 

I’m very excited about it, and my background has always been in sales and marketing, mainly in educational technology. I've spent much of my career in a Swiss-based company called EF-Education First. 

About a year ago, I had a fantastic opportunity to meet one of Tangem’s co-founders in person. Our conversation impressed me; what fascinated me the most was Tangem's product and the team behind it. I was mostly impressed because Tangem has introduced a new approach to integrating crypto into your daily life while keeping security and simplicity at the highest level.

Everyone in Tangem, including myself, is pushing massive crypto adoption. Millions of people still think that crypto is not for them because they need some technical background to use crypto.

This is not true. With Tangem, your entrance to crypto is very smooth. We aim to give our community and users freedom, confidence, independence, and total control over their funds. To sum up, we see ourselves as pioneers shaping the entire industry and the whole community with the mission of opening up the crypto world to the next billion users.

Ana (Community Lead)

I completely echo that sentiment. I had a similar experience when I met Darya in person, and it was utterly a moment in which everything clicked, and you went, oh, it's that simple. Tangem can be that simple: just tap your card and go, so it was a moment for me as well. I suggest right now that we start by looking into a recap of last year, and then we'll go in from there

2023 Recap

2023 was an incredible year for us. The year of growth in every single segment and department of our company. We hit 100,000 happy community members in 160 countries all across the world. Tangem was born in 2017, but the Tangem wallet was born in late 2021. So it's only two years old, and we have reached this amazing number — considering the bear market in the last couple of years. On average, every user spends six minutes in the app every single day, so we don't only have 100K happy users; we have 100K active users.

New website and New wallet

We also released our new tangem.com website in six languages. We also have produced 1 million cards in total, and of course, we are proud that none of them have been hacked. We did the Tangem rebranding and introduced an upgraded version of our classic wallet.

Now, you have an optional seed phrase for backing up your crypto and activating your wallet. Tangem Wallet got a second firmware audit by the Swiss company Kudelski Security and another by Riscure.

We also released a big upgrade to the Tangem app with the most requested features by our community. I think the top feature was the dark mode, followed by price changes and quick actions directly from your homepage.

Global audience

You can purchase the Tangem Wallet through marketplaces, mainly Amazon, in North America, Europe, and Japan. Tangem finished the year with 85 wonderful resellers — distributors of our product worldwide.  We have also put a lot of effort into working with our friends. We have Tangem reviews in 30 different languages on YouTube, opened up local communities in German, and plans for more communities later.

Web3 events

Web3 events were also something new for us in 2023. Tangem was at Permissionless in the USA, TOKEN2023 in Singapore, the Cardano summit in Dubai, NFT conferences in France, Portugal, Berlin, and more. I would say the most memorable one for me was

Permissionless II because I was there.  During these conferences, we presented our new Tangem wallets; visitors could purchase the wallet on the spot. More events are coming up this year, and we'll discuss them later.

Co-branded wallets

This project is one of my favorite marketing marketing projects that we launched last year. We've released a few projects, but the biggest ones were Shiba Inu, TRON, a Kaspa co-branded Tangem Wallets.

Tangem ring

We got lots of organic PR from the crypto press regarding the release of the Tangem ring. In 2023, we revealed the prototype of the ring during the Cardano Summit in Dubai. Our team presented and shared 100 to 200 rings with the audience to test them for free.

Tangem team

At Tangem, we’re already 100+ people, and we are also happy to see that we have a lot of women in all roles, including sales & marketing, social media, product development, legal, QA, and more.

We’d like to preserve this kind of gender equity, which is crucial for the company's and industry's development and growth.

2024 Roadmap


In 2024, we've experienced significant events, and now it's time to focus on the highlight of this AMA – a glimpse into the upcoming year. We have various topics to cover, unveiling our plans. Let's dive into what's in store for 2024, addressing the questions and expectations of the community. Your input and questions drive our communication; we value the ongoing conversation. Let's kick things off and explore what lies ahead.


Let’s start with Tangem Express.

Tangem Express

I want to focus on this as it is a significant project throughout the year, not only in Q1 or Q2. What is Tangem Express? Tangem Express is an entirely new service in the Tangem app, like booking.com, for looking for hotels and the best prices worldwide. So this is a service where you will have different exchanges and on-ramp and off-ramp providers with the best rates so you can choose.

Our focus in Q1 is purely CEXs and DEXs at the moment, and we do have 1INCH, ChangeNow, and Changelly. The product team is analyzing several providers, so we will hear from them soon. In Q2, we will focus on-ramp and off-ramp providers; we have the first four. MoonPay, Mercurio, YouHodler, and Luno will be integrated during Q2 into the Tangem Express.


I think I have to mention staking as I saw so many questions about staking recently. Staking is also on the roadmap and will be released in Q2.  Last week, we held polls on Telegram, X(Twitter), and maybe on Discord —asking the community which networks to add to staking.

The most requested were Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, Polygon, Cardano, Avalanche, TRON, and Binance smartchain. These are the first networks the team is going to focus on while adding staking to Tangem.

App functionality and improvements

We have some new app features coming up. The team is working on several features, such as a re-designed Send page. We’re also adding Accounts — you will be able to create different accounts in one wallet very soon. The Tangem app will also contain market data — giving you a comprehensive overview of the crypto market with analysis, graphics, and useful insights. It will be super valuable for both new and experienced crypto users. Transaction history for other blockchains is constantly being developed and will be here in Q1.

Network Integration

At the end of November, we launched our winter blockchain marathon, where we planned to integrate five networks — VeChain, XDC, Algorand, Hedera, and Aptos. We're going to make the community super happy by releasing around maybe 50 EVM networks will be added very soon in the next couple of months, so if you still have not voted for your favorite network to be added to Tangem, please leave your comments on Telegram or Discord. We'll make sure we add that to the wishlist.

White limited-edition wallets

This lovely limited edition collection of Tangem white wallets has the same quality and features — it’s just a new color. Our classic black wallets will be back in stock on our website at the end of March. I think we're going to drop some limited collections from time to time. Some people already have ten different Tangem Wallets because they like collecting different designs, which is super nice.

Tangem Ring II

In Q1, we’re focusing on production improvements so the product is

top-notch. We’re trying to ensure you can wear it daily, swim, or do whatever you want with the ring. In Q2, we will launch the landing page for the ring and a pre-sale so that you can leave your email, and we will notify you once the batch is released for sale.


We're also working on other Tangem Wearable Wallets — rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the crypto world and the real world, so we believe that by making these rings, bracelets, necklaces, and maybe earrings, we will attract more traditional audiences to Web3 and crypto.

Co-branded projects

We are working simultaneously on 15 different designs for completely different projects. It's everything from Web3 companies, blockchains, and influencers that want to showcase

their brand and their channel on the wallet. We do have a design team who can help the projects to create their designs. Feel free to reach out if you want to if you want to have a

batch of co-branded wallets for your project. Last week, we launched a web page for that so you can leave your message down there or go directly to Discord or Telegram and reach out to Ana.

…To be continued.