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The New Tangem Wallet Seed Phrase Option | FAQs


In the past, we’ve chastised and campaigned against seed phrase technology. Our opinion on the security of seed phrases has not changed — the disadvantages are obvious.

However, the new Tangem Wallet will generate and show you a seed phrase (if you want one). It also allows you to import your seed phrase from another wallet.

Why does the new Tangem Wallet provide a seed phrase option?

To quote George Orwell “If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.” In the past, hardware wallet users have often exposed, lost, or forgotten their seed phrases. Frankly speaking, our multiple-card private-key generation & storage technology is far more secure.

But in the spirit of independence and versatility, we decided to give our community the option to use a seed phrase. Tangem now provides a universal solution, allowing every crypto user to make their own security decisions.

Using this option opens you up to storing the seed phrase insecurely, but it does give an outlet to people who really want a seed phrase as a fallback in their imagined worst-case scenario.

FAQs: Tangem Wallet’s seed phrase option

We answer your questions about the seed phrase feature in the new Tangem Wallet. When we get more questions from our community, we'll provide answers to them in this section. 

Does the Tangem app generate a 12 or 24-word seed phrase?
The app generates a 12-word seed phrase. 

Will the first-generation Tangem Wallet be produced in the future? Or will it be replaced by the new one eventually?
We have ceased production for the first-generation Tangem Wallet. The new Tangem wallet will eventually replace the first-gen wallet.

What's new about the new Tangem card design?
New logo, new style, new aesthetic; learn more about the new Tangem Wallet design here.

Can I choose 12 words for my seed phrase?
No, you cannot import a seed phrase you created because the algorithm works differently.

Can I still add an extra card as a backup if I forget my seed phrase?
No, you cannot. Once you’ve generated and used a seed phrase, you cannot revert to generating private keys and using additional cards as your failsafe option.

How does the Tangem app generate and transfer the seed phrase to the Tangem card?
The wallet’s software selects 12 random words from a wordlist containing 2048 words based on the BIP39 seed phrase standard. 
The software converts the chosen string of words into a binary seed, which it uses to generate a set of private keys and public address pairings. The private keys are then uploaded and stored on the Tangem cards.

Can the seed phrase be used to restore wallets from a new set of cards?
Yes. You can gain access to your funds by using a seed phrase previously generated on another set of new Tangem Wallet cards. 
When activating the wallet set on which you want to use the seed phrase, select Other options and then use the import seed phrase function.

Does the new Tangem Wallet support multiple addresses?
No, the new Tangem Wallet does not support multiple addresses yet. We’re still working to ensure this feature is secure and convenient before adding it. 
Once it’s ready, this feature will also be available for first-generation Tangem cards.

How does importing my seed phrase from another wallet work?
When you use the seed phrase import function from a third-party wallet, you can regain access to your funds stored in that wallet. You can import a seed phrase consisting of 12, 15, 18, 21, or 24 words.

After importing the seed phrase, you must manually add the coins and tokens you stored in the third-party wallet to the main wallet screen. 

Please note that you'll only be able to recover funds from the third-party wallet on networks supported by the new Tangem Wallet. 

When will the new Tangem app be released on app stores?
The new app will be released in October 2023.

Can I use the new app with my first-gen Tangem cards?
Yes. All first-gen Tangem cards will be compatible with the new Tangem app.

What's the difference between the new Tangem and first-gen wallet cards?
Both generations of Tangem cards work the same way to store your keys. However, the new Tangem card provides the option to generate a seed phrase or import one from another wallet. The new Tangem Wallet also has the option to turn off access code recovery with a backup card.

Will the new Tangem app be available on PCs?
No. The new Tangem app will only be available on NFC-enabled smartphones.