How To Get Started With Tangem Wallet

The Tangem Wallet is the ultimate choice for a secure, user-friendly, and convenient multi-currency wallet. Efficiently handling your crypto assets requires a few Tangem cards (2 or 3 cards), a phone equipped with NFC functionality, and the Tangem app.

To get started with Tangem Wallet follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Tangem App for iOS or Android and open it.
  2. Tap Scan.

3. Tap a Tangem card to the NFC module of the phone and scan it.


actrivate_en (1).png
actrivate_en (5).png

4. On the screen that appears, press "Create Wallet" and scan the card again.

actrivate_en (9).jpg

5. Then press "Backup now".

actrivate_en (3).jpg

6. On the next screen, press the "Add Backup Card" button.

actrivate_en (5).jpg

  7. Scan the second card for the backup.

actrivate_en (4).png

8. If you have a pack of three cards, please proceed with the same procedure for the third card of the pack. if you have two cards, press "Finalize the backup process" and then "Continue".

actrivate_en (8).jpg

9. Press "Continue" when you see "Create Access Code".

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10. Create a secure access code, press "Continue", re-enter the access code on the screen that appears, and press "Confirm".

actrivate_en (11)2.jpg


actrivate_en (7).jpg

11. Press "Scan the primary card".

actrivate_en (10).jpg

12. Tap the first card to the phone for 15 seconds.

actrivate_en (2).png

13. Press the "Scan the card #1" button.

actrivate_en (4).jpg

14. Tap the second (backup) card to the phone and scan it for 15 seconds as well.

actrivate_en (4).png

15. Activation is completed, you can use your wallet. All cards of the pack are equal, meaning you can use any of them as the main card.

actrivate_en (6).jpg


actrivate_en (12).jpg

On the main screen of your Tangem Wallet you will see your USD, BTC, and ETH balance by default. You can change the currency of the balance, as well as add the coins and tokens you need using the "Manage Tokens" button. 


Once you have activated your Tangem Wallet, add any tokens you need to the Tangem App home screen. Read about it in our next article.