Tangem Monthly Digest — September 2023

The Tangem monthly digest is a full update for our valued users and community members. Every month, we highlight key events, announce partnerships, share success stories, and give you a sneak peek behind the scenes at our company. This digest will also inform you about upcoming events and new product features. 

Think of it as a snapshot of our standing in the current cryptocurrency world, and we hope to keep our community informed, involved, and in control of their crypto.

Product updates 

From the new Tangem Wallet to hitting 40K followers on X (formerly Twitter), here’s an overview of September’s most exciting moments.

— New Tangem Wallet announcement

What's New in The New Tangem Wallet?The Tangem Wallet's latest version is a cutting-edge piece of hardware that improves how we use and store cryptocurrencies. While developing the wallet, we compiled the most popular features requested by our community, listened to the broader crypto community about the challenges they face when switching to Tangem, and learned what the average user wants in a secure cryptocurrency wallet.

These are the new features we’ve announced so far:

  • Seed phrase option
  • Dark mode
  • Sorting and grouping tokens
  • Hide balance
  • 24-hour token price changes
  • BTC, ETH transaction histories
  • Rapid access from the homepage

We plan to add a market data feature inside the app, address book, cross-chain swap, staking, and more support for more blockchain networks.

— A new product page 

Tangem’s redesigned product page reimagines the purchase experience for potential users. 

A new product page .png

The new page exudes a contemporary brand aesthetic, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with user-friendly navigation. Our unwavering commitment to convenience is reflected in the design; every click and scroll is effortless, ensuring visitors can easily explore our cutting-edge cold wallet’s features. 

Load times have been reduced on all devices, eliminating lag and allowing users to access critical information quickly. The improved interface not only improves aesthetics but also functionality.

It's more than just a page; it's an immersive journey that invites users to begin their asset security journey. We're confident that our new product page will provide an experience as seamless and secure as our hardware wallets. 

— CHIA support

We added support for the Chia network and its native CHIA token. This blockchain employs the Proof of Space and Time consensus algorithm, which does not require much computing power — node owners must set aside hard drive space. Using Raspberry Pi microcomputers, you can "farm" Chia instead of mining it. Our article contains additional information about the project.

— OCTA support

The Tangem app now supports OCTA, the OctaSpace cloud platform's native coin. The creators of this project hope to solve the problem of cloud computing centralization by allowing participants to rent computing power, data storage, VPN protection, and other services.

We also made standard improvements, such as bug fixes and making the app run more smoothly.


Here's an overview of our new partnerships and agreements in the past month.

— ChangeNOW x Tangem

Tangem has chosen ChangeNOW's CEX as one of their partners and exchange providers for their exchange aggregator — Tangem Express. This integration will allow Tangem Wallet users to run cross-chain swaps, convert cryptocurrencies, and access on-ramp/off-ramp services from various providers — all within the Tangem Wallet app.

Our companies’ shared vision drove the decision to integrate ChangeNOW's services into Tangem Wallet: to provide cryptocurrency users with a smooth, secure, user-friendly experience. 

By leveraging ChangeNOW's exchange services, Tangem Wallet users will benefit from the best market rates for cross-chain swaps, ensuring optimal value when converting digital assets.

— New B2B affiliates

Tangem reached a significant milestone by signing new distribution agreements with several prestigious B2B resellers worldwide. This move reinforces our global expansion strategy, solidifying Tangem's position as a trusted leader in the crypto security space.

Tangem's newly formed partnerships are expected to significantly increase its accessibility and reach within these markets, allowing more users seamless access to our hardware wallets. 

This expansion also reflects our devotion to democratizing secure crypto storage. With these new reseller agreements, we will make an even bigger impact on the crypto landscape while making the case for secure hardware wallets and their role in the broader cryptocurrency industry.


Community highlights

Notable events, contests, or initiatives involving the Tangem community.

— Permissionless and TOKEN2049

Tangem participated in two major blockchain events in September — Permissionless II and TOKEN2049. We were represented by an outstanding team, including our CTO, CCO, marketing managers, and brand ambassadors.

Tangem at Permissionless II.png

At these events, we provided demos and sold a limited number of the new Tangem Wallet. Our guests also had the opportunity to purchase SHIBA-branded wallets at a discounted price.

For entertainment, we hosted lottery games and shared prizes, including Tangem-branded merchandise like bottles, T-shirts, hoodies, power banks, travel accessories for in-flight naps, tote bags, bracelets, baseball caps, and wallets.

We had an incredible time at Permissionless II, Austin, and TOKEN2049, Singapore.  It wouldn't have been great without our community, whose enthusiasm and curiosity made our booth come alive.

Tangem at TOKEN2049-min.png

We're grateful for the insightful conversations and the opportunity to showcase our new Tangem Wallet.  Let's keep the momentum going and build a secure crypto future together.

— 40K strong on X (Twitter)

We're excited to announce that our Tangem X (Twitter) community has passed the 40,000 mark! A massive shoutout to each and every one of our followers for being a part of this incredible journey. Your support, engagement, and enthusiasm are the heartbeat of our community. 


Here's to more insightful discussions, exciting updates, and funnier adventures together. Let's keep soaring to new heights.

 — New reviews from your favorite bloggers

Tangem Wallets received a flood of video reviews in multiple languages in September. Seeing how much interest and trust the Tangem wallet has sparked is truly amazing. These diverse reviews highlight Tangem's universal appeal and accessibility to a global audience.

Potential users from various linguistic backgrounds can now access insightful and relatable content on our products. These videos represent a growing community of experts united in their enthusiasm for Tangem's revolutionary approach to crypto security.


Behind the scenes at Tangem

— New additions to the Tangem Team

We recently hired new folks with much experience and knowledge in blockchain tech, security, and user experience. In September, we filled some vacant positions, including the content creator responsible for this article and some memes you see on our social media channels.

We also welcomed new project managers, an analytics specialist, and an Android developer to our team. Our new members will strengthen Tangem and help the company reach new heights of success. 

With a shared goal of making cryptocurrency accessible, safe, and easy to use for everyone, the expanded Tangem team is ready to lead the industry in providing secure solutions that meet the changing needs of the global crypto community.

— New Tangem Wallet photoshoot

The most recent Tangem Wallet photoshoot was an exciting and visually appealing event. Every aspect of our wallets, from the sleek lines to the elegant branding, was expertly framed to resonate with our users.


We'll soon publish the results and give a visually appealing experience for our valued community.


Crypto in September: A month of devastating exploits and losses

According to CertiK, this month was the most concerning month for crypto-related exploits. Exit scams totaled approximately $1.9 million in losses, while flash loans equaled roughly $400,000. However, hot wallet exploits were the most significant contributor to the month's total, accounting for approximately $329.8 million in losses.

The Mixin Network attack on September 23 was the most notable event. A breach in its cloud service provider caused the Hong Kong-based decentralized cross-chain transfer protocol to suffer a significant breach, resulting in a loss of $200 million.

Another significant incident occurred on September 12, when CoinEx, a cryptocurrency exchange, was subjected to a suspected attack due to a significant outflow from four hot wallets. This breach resulted in losses totaling more than $53.1 million.

Stake.com was also attacked on September 4, resulting in a $41 million loss. 

We will discuss these hacks and how they could’ve been prevented in the next article.

Upcoming events and announcements

In October 2023, the new Tangem Wallet will start shipping out to customers who have preordered theirs. 
We’ll also release our new app with major features on the Apple and Google mobile app stores. We are already working on a new firmware audit for the new Tangem Wallet, and we’ll inform the general public once it is published.


A Tangem representative will speak at the DEGAMIFI WEB3 conference held in Tbilisi, Georgia, on October 7, 2023. The topic is: Using seed phrases is a risky gamble: Exploring better alternatives. We hope you will tune in and hear what we have to say on this slightly-controversial topic.


Our gratitude

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the incredible Tangem community. Your unwavering support, insightful contributions, and valuable feedback drive our continuous growth and success. 

Each comment, suggestion, and interaction fuels our determination to create products that exceed your expectations. Together, we're shaping the future of crypto security. Thank you for being a vital part of the Tangem journey. Here's to many more milestones and innovations together.