How to Get the Xpub (Extended Public Key) in Tangem Wallet

What is an Xpub key?

An XPUB (Extended Public Key) is a type of key derived from a master public key (MPK). It allows for the generation of multiple public keys, which are used to receive cryptocurrencies, without compromising the security of the master key.

It's a way to generate a sequence of public keys from a single master key, making it easier to manage and track transactions and balances across different addresses within the same wallet.

How to find your XPUB key in Tangem Wallet

Here’s how to get your XPUB key in Tangem Wallet

1. Open the Tangem Wallet app and tap on the three dots at the upper-right corner of the homepage.

2. On the Details page, select Send Feeback.

An email containing two files addressed to Tangem Support will be generated.

For Android users, an email will be generated automatically with the xPub key for each blockchain on your app's homepage.

For iOS users, an email will be generated with two files. You can find the xPub key for each blockchain in the file "InfoLogs." To access the file, send the email, and change the recipient address from [email protected] to your own email.

3. Download the infoLogs.txt file containing an XPUB key for each blockchain in your Tangem Wallet.

What are XPUB keys used for?

Here's why XPUB keys are used:

Privacy and security: By using XPUB keys, users can maintain a level of privacy since they can share public keys to receive payments without revealing the private key.

Auditing: For businesses or financial services dealing with cryptocurrencies, XPUB keys facilitate auditing and accounting processes by providing visibility into transaction flows without compromising security.

Xpub keys are a secure method for generating and monitoring public addresses in cryptocurrency wallets, enabling enhanced privacy and security while facilitating various financial operations.

FAQs about XPUB Keys

What is the purpose of an XPUB key?

The primary purpose of an XPUB key is to enhance privacy and security in cryptocurrency wallets. It allows users to generate public addresses to receive payments without exposing the master private key, enabling safer transactions.

Can an XPUB key generate private keys?

No. An XPUB key can only generate public keys and their associated addresses. It cannot generate private keys.

Is it safe to share my XPUB key?

Yes, it is safe to share your XPUB key with others. Since it can only generate public keys and addresses, sharing it does not compromise the security of your wallet. However, avoid sharing your recovery seed or seed phrase, as that would allow access to your funds.

Can I use my XPUB key to track transactions?

Yes, one of the advantages of an XPUB key is that it allows you to monitor transactions associated with all addresses generated from it. This makes it easier to track incoming payments and maintain an overview of your wallet's activity.

Are XPUB keys used in all cryptocurrency wallets?

Not all cryptocurrency wallets support hierarchical deterministic wallets or provide XPUB key functionality. However, many popular wallets, especially those focused on security and privacy, offer this feature to their users.

How can I revoke or change my XPUB key?

Since an XPUB key is derived from the master public key of your wallet, it cannot be changed or revoked independently. If you need to change your XPUB key, you will have to create a new wallet.

Can I use my XPUB key to generate addresses for different cryptocurrencies?

In most cases, XPUB keys are specific to a particular cryptocurrency. To generate addresses for different cryptocurrencies, you would typically need to use the corresponding wallet software and export the XPUB key for each cryptocurrency separately.