Tangem Black Friday Update


Tangem Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023

Important update to this article 23.11.2023

If you found this article, you're probably wondering why we've not made any black Friday announcements on all Tangem channels. After much deliberation, we're offering a 10% black Friday discount — it ain't much, but it's honest work.

Use promo code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout till Monday. 

Thank you for choosing Tangem. Stay secure this holiday season! 

We're kicking off our biggest sale of the year! To celebrate Black Friday, Tangem together with Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, are giving you discounts, bonuses and prizes! 

Only from November 21 to December 11, buy a multi-currency Tangem Wallet at special Black Friday prices and get a single-currency Tangem Note as a gift.  
And get real cash bonuses from Binance exchange, official Tangem partner:

  • +10 BUSD welcome bonus
  • +50 BUSD on trading commission
  • +100 BUSD voucher for deposits

Follow this link to learn more about Black Friday with Binance.

Tangem Wallet packs purchased at any point of sale - official website or dealers - are eligible for the Binance promo. 

Not all dealers have the "Free Tangem Note" promotion. Please check the terms and conditions of the point of sale before purchasing.

Terms and conditions of promo offer

  1. From 21 November to 11 December, buy the Tangem Wallet at a discounted price. When buying from the official website, get a Tangem Note for free. 
  2. Go to the Binance website and begin the process of registering the account by 8 January 2023. When Binance asks for a referral ID, enter "tangem". Complete KYC verification.
  3. Send to Tangem support on Telegram: @Tangem_Support_bot or email [email protected]:
  • a proof of Tangem purchase (receipt) purchased from 21 November to 11 December;
  • Binance ID.

Once your details have been verified, the following bonuses will be credited to your Binance account within 2 weeks:  

  • Cash Voucher 10 BUSD 
    Bonus to a spot wallet. User is free to use, transfer or withdraw funds without restriction.
  • Cashback Voucher 50 BUSD 
    A time-limited trading commission bonus on the spot market for all currency pairs.  The balance of the voucher means the discount the user receives according to the exchange rates and is not shown in the wallet balance. The voucher is not transferable to another person, withdrawable from the exchange or payable for other services.
  • Flexible Trial Funds 100 BUSD 
    Bonus to be used to subscribe to Earn Flexible Products. You cannot withdraw or transfer your Flexible Trial Fund, but you can enjoy the daily rewards generated by the subscribed Flexible Product with the sponsored capital. The daily rewards you earn can be used without any restrictions. Detailed instruction is here.

Learn more about Binance Rewards

Under the terms of the promo offer, only new Binance users who have completed KYC are eligible for Binance bonuses.