• What is a Tangem Wallet?

    Tangem Wallet is the safest hardware wallet in the world. Tangem Wallet keeps thousands of cryptocurrencies simultaneously and has access to hundreds of decentralized financial services for buying, selling, exchanging, staking, and lending. The card is the key to your wallet, and using your funds requires bringing the card to your phone. Tangem Wallet is a set of 2 or 3 cards with a backup feature. So when activating a card, you can back up the key on the other card(s), which will help you manage your money even if you lose one of the cards. And enabling access codes will prevent your funds from being transferred by an attacker in case of loss or theft.

  • What is a Tangem Note?

    Tangem Note is the simplest single-currency hardware wallet for your six beloved cryptos: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, and DOGE.
    Tangem Note allows you to buy, store, sell and transfer cryptocurrencies on its native network in just a few taps. Or you can hand your Tangem Note with the required amount in exchange for goods or just as a gift — just like a regular paper banknote. If you want to invite your family or friends to the world of crypto — Tangem Note is a perfect choice.
    No one except the owner has access to the wallet. The card generates a unique key while activated in the Tangem app by the user. The key never leaves the card and is unknown to anyone, including Tangem.
    Our cards can sign an infinite number of transactions. All you need is an NFC smartphone, the Tangem app, and your Tangem Note.

  • What can I do with Tangem Wallet?

    A Tangem Wallet allows you to:
    — Check the validity of the card and the assets it’s holding.
    — Show the asset's blockchain address.
    — Extract (send) funds to other Tangem cards or blockchain wallets.
    — Pay with the card (with merchants currently accepting crypto).

  • Can Tangem card allow me to pay at physical stores?

    Tangem cards are not payment cards like Visa or Mastercard. If a seller supports the transfer in cryptocurrency, you will be able to transfer funds to his address and pay for the goods or service, but if you mean using a card by analogy with a bank card, then it is not supported yet.

  • What devices are compatible with the Tangem app?

    It is possible to use any Android or iOS mobile device that supports the NFC module except iPhone 6/6s.

  • What are the iOS/Android technical requirements to use the Tangem card?

    Tangem app works with iOS 13 and above and Android above 5.0. To use the Tangem app on your phone, please ensure it is updated to the latest version. Please, note that iPhone 7/7 Plus and some Android models don’t have full NFC support, which does not allow to transfer the amount of information needed during activation — in this case, making a backup of a private key on your phone is not available. But you can use any other phone (iPhone 8 and up or Android 5.0+ with full NFC support) to create a backup and then continue using your device.

  • How many times can I use a Tangem card?

    Tangem cards are fully reusable. There is no limit to transactions or how often you perform loading/extraction operations.

  • What funding amount can a Tangem card hold?

    Tangem cards are limitless. You can send as many funds to your Tangem card as you want.

  • What is the warranty period for Tangem cards?

    More than 25 years.

  • What makes Tangem cards different?

    Tangem is the most secure wallet in the world. It generates a private key that never leaves the card. We have gone the extra mile to prove it externally:
    — The highest certification level among direct competitors — EAL6+ by Common Criteria.
    — Tangem cards' firmware audited by an independent Swiss auditor Kudelski Security that ensures no backdoors.
    — The only hardware wallet with the highest rate of protection against environmental conditions — IP68. It is guaranteed never to disclose the private key. Handing a card over is, by nature, an off-chain payment transaction. One can sell it as merchandise, send it as a gift or use it to make a payment. Essentially, it’s a secure smart wallet for digital assets.