App functionality

  • How to set up Tangem Wallet?

    To set up your Tangem Wallet with a backup, follow the instructions:
    1. Open the Tangem app.
    2. Click the "Scan" button and scan the card.
    3. Click the "Create wallet" button and scan the card again. At this point, the keys are created.
    4. Backup of all other cards (note that you cannot later add one or more cards to this bundle):
    — Click the "Backup now" button.
    — Click the "Add a backup card" button.
    — Tap the card against your mobile device.
    — Repeat the last 2 points as many times as there are cards for this bundle. You can link up to 3 cards to one wallet.
    — Click the "Finalize the backup process" button.
    5. Select "Continue" and create a PIN.
    6. Scan all the cards one by one again.

    Here is the video on how to set up your Tangem wallet.

  • Is staking available in Tangem Wallet?

    Staking is available through WalletConnect. In Tangem app it is also planned, but will be implemented later. 

  • I can’t scan the card. What should I do?

    Facing this problem, you need to send a request through the app in the window "Are you having trouble scanning the card?" by double-clicking "Cancel" when scanning. 

  • How often is the assets price updated in Tangem Wallet? Where does the exchange rate come from?

    The exchange rates in Tangem app come from the most prominent cryptocurrency aggregator and are updated every 15 minutes.

  • Is mining available on Tangem Wallet?

    There are no restrictions for mining in UTXO-based blockchains (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin) on Android; the wallet can sign thousands of inputs. On iOS, there is a temporary limit of up to 700 inputs. In account-based blockchains, there is no concept of inputs, so there are no restrictions on mining per Tangem Wallet. Here are examples of account-based blockchains: Ethereum, Avalanche, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Cardano, Tron, and Solana.